Emergence Capital co-founder Jason Green on transitioning to the next chapter

Succession is a major issue for many venture firms. Institutional investors, founders — even reporters — often get attached to senior members of a team, and when one of those individuals d

As SaaS stocks retrace highs, a glance at today’s cloud fundamentals

The domestic stock market is advancing today on the back of some better-than-anticipated economic recovery data in the United States. While retail spending is still lower compared to the year-ago peri

Veeva defied detractors when it launched a cloud life sciences biz a decade ago

It’s safe to say that Veeva is not a household name, but 10 years ago this month the company launched the first of a set of enterprise tools, like content management and CRM, designed for the un

Veeva Systems’ Life Science Cloud IPO Is A Hit, Raising $217M And Closing Up 85%

Veeva Systems, an enterprise cloud provider for life sciences companies like Pfizer, IPO'd on the NYSE this morning, raising around $217 million by upping its share price $20. Veeva saw a pop of 83.5%