vector databases

Upstash’s serverless data platform hits ARR of $1M just two years after seed funding

Upstash announced a $1.9 million seed round almost exactly two years ago, and an idea for building a serverless data platform for data-intensive applications built with Redis and Kafka. That doesn’t

Pinecone’s vector database gets a new serverless architecture

For a long time, vector databases were a bit of a niche product, but because they are uniquely suited to provide context and long-term memory to large language models, everybody in the database space

With Neptune Analytics, AWS combines the power of vector search and graph data

There’s been a debate of sorts in AI circles about which database is more important in finding truthful information in generative AI applications: graph or vector databases. AWS decided to leave

PlanetScale forks MySQL to add vector support

It seems like everyone in the database business is thinking about how to capitalize on the growth of AI by adding support for vectors to their products. That, after all, remains to be the easiest way