This new wireless charger from Zens nearly fulfills the promise of Apple’s AirPower

Apple’s cancellation of its AirPower wireless charging mat was one of the company’s few big public flubs, but the concept behind the cancelled product remains attractive: A wireless chargi

The 2008 Misties: this year's top vaporware

<img src="" /> <a href="">Wired's annual top 10 vaporw

The Far Future: Digital paper on Coke cans?

We’re not really sure why we’d want this, and we’re definitely not sure it’s technology we can see a use for, but some smartypants are working on a way to embed movable text wi

Look sassy with a patented Apple laser headmounted thing

Unwired Review dug up an Apple patent for a laser-based head mounted display that will beam video straight into your eyes in sort of a heads-up display that is only visible when data is being transmit

From the "solving problems that don't exist" files: the hanging printer

Don’t push me, ’cause I’m close to the edge Some Korean designers designed this hanging printer with a full paper carriage that hangs over your desk and only the print head and rolle

Optimus not prime for shipping on time

Art Lebedev Studios was more than happy to take preorders for the Optimus Maximus keyboard (that we all thought would never see the light of day) but seems to have neglected to make the device’s

Vaporware 2007: The tech that should have been

It’s the usual suspects; if you read last year’s list, you won’t be surprised by many of the contenders. And although it’s said every year, I really think we’ll see a lot

Slacker Portable delayed, delayed again

Aaaaaaand, I’m done. That’s enough for me, thank you. I give up. First it was the end of summer, then it was mid-December, now it’s the end of January when the Slacker Portable is su

Exmocare Watch spies on the elderly and mentally deficient, reports on their state of mind

[Hippy dippy la la la BS about some sort of galvanic watch that watches your vital signs and that will never be released] he U.S. Company Exmocare has developed a novel wristwatch, which is capable of

LG patents, will never build in-phone wireless earbuds

I love patents. The make a company look like they’re on the cutting edge when we all know they’re going to keep doing what they’re doing until someone — Apple, NASA, or whoever

Phantom Entertainment Invading A Hotel Near You, Maybe

Oh Phantom Entertainment, try as you might to make us think you actually produce hardware, you go and sign with ProGames Network to bring your non-existent wireless lapboard and game service to a hote

Spore About To Become Vaporware

‘Tis a shame, but it’s nothing new in the software industry. Will Wright’s highly-anticipated Spore has now been postponed yet again and is looking like it’ll never be released

iPhone's On eBay = Vaporware

I’m not quite sure what disgusts me more than the idiots bidding over $10,000 on eBay for an iPhone or the fact that people are this hyped over a phone that will fail and fall short on everything it

Nokia Shows Off Near Field Communication

The big boys have been talking about NFC (basically RFID) for years now and it will probably never hit a cellphone near you but PhoneScoop did their due diligence and took a tour of the wonders of &#8

Vaporware 2006

Wired this morning released its annual vaporware list. It features several new entries from the likes of SED TVs, Will Wright, Skype and more. But, of course, what would a vaporware list be without th

L Announces Fantasy 8-Core Laptop with SSD, Fairy Dust, and Elven Magic

Today, the state of the art in laptop power is dual-core, but if that’s not good enough, leapfrog quad-core and head right for 8-way power. That day is today. If, that is, L Computer’s cla

Phantom Slips Yet Again

Just when things looked like they might be perking up slightly for vapor-friendly Phantom, it went and announced that shipping of its much touted lapboard has been delayed. You’ll remember the l

Phantom to Show Product Next Week, This Time Wants Your Lap

via a download-and-play model. Needless to say, I’m fairly skeptical of anything that comes out of this chip shop. So what do we have now? They’re releasing some sort of “lap board&#

Pentax X-Change Concept Camera

The implementation looks pretty creepy, but the idea here is cool. Pentax is showing off their X-Change concept point and shoot at PhotoKina this year and what they’ve come up with is a small, p

Microsoft Offering Payments for Late Vista, Office

This doesn’t effect us peons on the front end, but enterprise customers who were planning to purchase – or already purchased – bulk licenses for Vista and Microsoft Office 2007 are g