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  • Finding The Common Link: Commonred Wants To Take The Awkward Out Of Networking

    Vaporware Labs, a software company that makes social, mobile, and web apps, like Steve Young Football for the iPad and iPhone, and MEETorDIE, an an online tool that tells you how much money your company is wasting by having meetings and how it might be spending that money more productively. (You can read our coverage of MEETorDIE here.) Today, Vaporware Labs is launching a new product… Read More

  • MEETorDIE Quantifies The Cost Of Wasteful Meetings

    Company meetings are a nearly universally hated thing. No matter what line of work you’re in, most are simply a waste of time. And even when they’re important and necessary, they’re still likely inefficient. A new startup aims to show you just how wasteful they are. MEETorDIE is an online tool that asks you to put in information about your meeting, including what company you… Read More