• Crunch Report | Tesla Now Valued More Than Ford

    Redfoo, formerly from LMFAO, joins us on the show to talk tech, Product Hunt launches Ask Product Hunt, Tesla is now worth more than Ford and Apple is dumping Imagination Technologies because they no longer wish to use their IP. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

  • Yet another roundup shows that a good SSD is still hard to find (for cheap)

    I keep looking at SSDs, and then I keep changing my mind. The right combination of price, performance, and storage capacity just hasn’t hit yet. Another roundup done by yet another technology blog reviewed the latest generation of SSD products, only to come to the same conclusion: the performance hit at the low end price point continues to make going to SSD too impractical for many users. Read More

  • You get what you pay for, with SSDs and just about everything else

    My aunt called last night to ask about a laptop she saw advertised in the weekly circular. It had most of the features she wanted, and was priced lower via the ad than she’d seen online for a similarly configured laptop. This led to a brief discussion of name brand preferences for laptops, and the price differences between them. I had to explain to my aunt that you get what you pay for… Read More

  • Young people see Microsoft as a better value

    The Laptop Hunters commercial campaign that Microsoft is pushing seems to be working. Young people in the 18-34 demographic see a laptop running Microsoft Windows as a better value for the money than an Apple laptop running OSX. Apple had dominated consumer mindshare in the winter, but has since fallen behind Microsoft. Read More

  • Value-testing l33t overclocked PC hardware

    Tom’s Hardware has been doing a feature for the last week comparing the performance of six systems: budget (sub-$1000), mid-range (sub-$2000), and high-end (sub-$4000) PCs and then the same PCs overclocked as far as they’d go. The object was to find what offers the best value for the dollar. They ran about five billion tests, but I’ve got the Cliff’s Notes here. And… Read More