• New startup "Schiit" sells low-cost, high-end, made-in-USA headphone amps

    There’s a bunch of possibilities to get attention when you’ve just founded a startup and try to get the word out about your first products. Coming up with a unique name is one way, and California-based audio tech maker Schiit has surely pulled that part off. Yes, it’s the company’s real name (tag line: “You are not going to believe this Schiit”), but… Read More

  • Next motherboard revisions of Xbox 360 will have 65 nm CPU, GPU

    [photopress:opus.jpg,full,center] The next two Xbox 360 motherboard revisions will be called Opus and Valhalla. Quick, somebody call CNN! Wanton speculation points to Valhalla being the final motherboard revision for the Xbox 360, though that depends on the further success of the console and what Microsoft has in store for the next generation Xbox. (Keep in mind the Xbox 360 will be three… Read More