• If you’re going to buy a desk vacuum, it might as well be a Zamboni

    Now that you’re aware of this Zamboni desk vacuum’s existence, to buy any other desk vacuum would be downright silly, wouldn’t it? Read More

  • Old-school USB vacuum is tiny, really works

    Please observe a fully-working, tiny USB-powered retro vacuum cleaner. It looks cool! Hope you live in the UK, though, as this £7.99 ($13) bit of fun costs a whopping £33.00 ($55) to ship to the US. If you simply must have the best in tiny USB-powered vacuum cleaners, though, you won’t let a $55 shipping charge stand in your way. Read More

  • Review: Dirt Devil AccuCharge 15.6 Volt Stick Vac

    Short Version: The Dirt Devil AccuCharge 15.6 Volt Stick Vac is a powerful, cordless, rechargeable vacuum cleaner that really, really sucks. It’s priced quite nicely at $65.99, too. Read More

  • WTF – CEDIA edition

    Wait; they’re industrial vacuums…at the same trade show as 150k projectors….alright. Read More

  • James Dyson on Engineering and Design CrunchGear’s Peter Ha got a chance to spend a day at the Dyson test labs in Malmesbury where he spoke… Read More

  • Convergence gone awry with the vacuum mouse

    What’s worse; That this mouse is also a vacuum cleaner or that the tagline is “Who said cleaning can’t be mouseverlous”? If you’re still reading this, the mouse itself is an 800dpi USB human interface device that also sweeps up crumbs. It costs about $30. Thanko’s Vacuum Cleaner Mouse [] via Read More

  • The Rideable Vacuum Cleaner: Yes, We Wish It Were Real, Too

    Everybody can go home after they read this because I really, highly doubt you’re likely to see anything as amazing as this today. It’s a rideable vacuum cleaner. Just let that sentence sink in for a minute. OK? It’s designed to get children to participate in cleaning around the house, but I guarantee that after a few shots at your next house party everyone will be clamoring for… Read More

  • Vacuums that Really Suck!

    If you’ve seen the ads for a Dyson vacuum you probably wonder if they really work as well the commercials suggest. Actually they do. And unlike those lame Hoovers, which look like something my grandparents would have thought looked old fashioned, the Dysons are about as geek chic as you can get. And now neat freaks (like me) have new reasons to celebrate. The company is introducing a… Read More

  • Track Vac: Checkered Flags, Clean Floors

    My friend Ben tells a great story about going to see Talladega Nights when the film first opened in theaters. A few rows ahead of him was a family of five, and you could tell they were very into NASCAR. Unfortunately, they didn’t seem to understand that the movie was a comedy, a joke and send-up on NASCAR culture. About 20 minutes into the film, the family walked out, presumably demanding… Read More