• Dyson DC59 Motorhead Review: Super Suction In A Slim Design

    Dyson DC59 Motorhead Review: Super Suction In A Slim Design

    Dyson has a new vacuum available for sale today on Amazon and, and it’s a beast: The DC59 Motorhead is the most powerful handheld cordless vacuum cleaner ever put out by the British company, and boasts more suction than most full-sized vacuums according to Dyson. It’s a variation on the DC59 Animal Dyson launched earlier this year, but with a new motorized head… Read More

  • Dyson DC59 Review: A Portable Powerhouse To Help You Ditch Corded Vacuums Entirely

    Dyson DC59 Review: A Portable Powerhouse To Help You Ditch Corded Vacuums Entirely

    People who haven’t used a Dyson often believe their reputation to be hype. How, after all, could one device designed for sucking up dirt so far exceed any other machine designed for the same task? There’s no operating system, no laundry list of features, no app market to consider, and so on. But while vacuums are simple in function, Dyson’s sophistication behind the scenes… Read More

  • Dyson’s Latest Vacuums Ditch Not Only The Bag But Also The Filter Maintenance

    Dyson’s Latest Vacuums Ditch Not Only The Bag But Also The Filter Maintenance

    I hate vacuuming but I actually like using my Dyson, and the UK company has a few new models it’s unveiling today. For the U.S. market, there’s the DC59, which is a handheld cordless stick vac that bumps up the suction, and for the UK, there are new Cinetic models of three of its canister vacuums that do away with the sole remaining piece of maintenance required by Dyson hardware… Read More

  • Dyson’s New DC44 Is The Halo Plasma Pistol Of Home Vacuums

    Dyson’s New DC44 Is The Halo Plasma Pistol Of Home Vacuums

    We’ve covered Dyson fans and vacuums for years now, being constantly amazed at the utility and wild designs that come out of James Dyson’s wee English workshop. He makes things that suck and blow and his latest, the DC44 “digital” vacuum sucks with the best of them. The DC44 is a hand-held vacuum that essentially replaces the DC31 and adds a few tricks to the… Read More

  • Review: Neato XV-11 Robotic Vacuum

    Short Version: Didn’t want to review the XV-11 as it’s about a year or so old by now and I found this absolutely horrible infomercial for it on their site. That’s two strikes right off the bat. But I’m here to tell you that the Neato is a pretty cool little robotic vacuum that may out-Roomba the Roomba in some respects. Read More

  • Electrolux, vacuums do not need iPod docks, m'kay?

    Listen, I know you did this fancy-pants study that concluded people vacuum more efficiently when they are listening to music. And I also understand that you want to market the new quiet UltraSilencer vacuum, but for the love of pete, don’t sink to the iPod dock level. Read More

  • The Dyson DC25 Blueprint is probably not meant for you

    People, stop everything that you are doing and let me introduce to you the sexiest vacuum of all time: the Dyson DC25 Blueprint. This my, friends, is the epitome of unnecessary but totally rad luxury items. First and foremost, it’s a Dyson DC25 ball vacuum, which is a great vacuum as I found out last year, but this one’s done up in a special edition livery dubbed Blueprint. Read More

  • Square Roomba could change your life

    Friends, every morning I wake up, look at myself in the mirror, and choke up. Look at me: a 34-year-old man, overweight, exhausted, with acid reflux and sleep apnea. I feel like the underside of a bench at the Greyhound depot. But then see stuff like this. That’s right: that, people, is a Roomba with freaking corners. Read More

  • Attention: The DustBuster is 30 years old this year

    That’s right: many of us have been alive as long as the Black & Decker DustBuster vacuum, a cleaner that I remember fondly from my ill-spent youth. Remember the first models? The tan color scheme? The incessant whirring? The sad majesty of the dying DustBuster as its battery slowly drained over a pile of Cheerios or sawdust? Say what you want about Dyson and his ilk: the DustBuster… Read More

  • Dyson announces the DC28 Animal, we go hands on

    I honestly have no idea what it is about this Dyson vacuum, but it’s totally giving me a bonerd™. I guess it’s the fact that I’ve seen how much work goes into actually designing and making one of these technologically advanced dirt sucking machines. Today, Dyson announced the upright DC28 Animal with patented Airmuscle technology. The DC28 is a step-up model from the DC17… Read More

  • WTF – CEDIA edition

    Wait; they’re industrial vacuums…at the same trade show as 150k projectors….alright. Read More

  • Video: James Dyson runs his own durability test on a DC24 The ‘drop test’ machine wasn’t working on my first day at Dyson, so I asked James to… Read More

  • Kahva maker just a gussied up percolator

    [photopress:kahva.jpg,full,center] Programmers, college kids and anyone else who needs one or two (or more!) cups of joe (n. Morning Joe) to get through the day might enjoy this unusual coffee maker, Kahva. (“Kawa,” pronounced the same as “kahva,” is “coffee” in Polish. Other cognates exist, too. We’re educational.) While the premise is not all too… Read More

  • Roomba's misshapen cousin shows its face

    Somebody call the lawyers — I think they might have messed up on the patent application. Either that or they weren’t the only ones who thought up an AI-navigating, robotic vacuum that moves in expanding spirals. You can tell from the prognathic aspect and heavy epicanthic folds that this little robot is from an earlier, more brutal era. Read More

  • LG Kompressor Vacuum Sucks Blocks

    Some of us love design and have to have top of the line everything. With that said, for those of you sick of your Dyson, you might want to check out LG’s new Kompressor vacuum cleaner. Small and compact, this thing looks pretty easy to stow away should company come over. The device features a unique cleaning system that turns everything sucked up into a massive block. It also comes with… Read More

  • Dyson Root 6 Puts Its Root Down

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    I'm going to write this thing up in a bit more detail when I have a mess to clean up – Blake is spending the week here for tonight's event, so I'll clean up his wood shavings when he leaves – but here's a quick look at the Dyson Root 6, the… Read More