Vacuum Cleaners

  • Dyson’s V8 cordless is your best bet for ditching your heavy plug-in vacuum

    Dyson’s V8 cordless is your best bet for ditching your heavy plug-in vacuum

    Dyson’s V8 cordless vacuum is the latest in a long line of the company’s portable category, and it has a more powerful motor that drives more suction than ever before, as the name implies. It’s also a premium-priced device, but that suction combined with its battery life and lightweight design make for a pretty unbeatable combo in the vacuum world. Right-sized power The V8… Read More

  • Dyson presents smaller vacuums built for the Japanese market

    Dyson today took the wraps off compact versions of some of its vacuum cleaners that are specifically tailored to fit the smaller Japanese homes [JP]. Chairman James Dyson said in Tokyo although the vacuums are Japan-only at this point, they may be eventually made available in other markets as well. Read More

  • Review: Dirt Devil AccuCharge 15.6 Volt Stick Vac

    Short Version: The Dirt Devil AccuCharge 15.6 Volt Stick Vac is a powerful, cordless, rechargeable vacuum cleaner that really, really sucks. It’s priced quite nicely at $65.99, too. Read More

  • Convergence gone awry with the vacuum mouse

    What’s worse; That this mouse is also a vacuum cleaner or that the tagline is “Who said cleaning can’t be mouseverlous”? If you’re still reading this, the mouse itself is an 800dpi USB human interface device that also sweeps up crumbs. It costs about $30. Thanko’s Vacuum Cleaner Mouse [] via Read More

  • The Rideable Vacuum Cleaner: Yes, We Wish It Were Real, Too

    Everybody can go home after they read this because I really, highly doubt you’re likely to see anything as amazing as this today. It’s a rideable vacuum cleaner. Just let that sentence sink in for a minute. OK? It’s designed to get children to participate in cleaning around the house, but I guarantee that after a few shots at your next house party everyone will be clamoring for… Read More