• Watch Out Tumblr, Pinterest Now Supports GIFs

    Watch Out Tumblr, Pinterest Now Supports GIFs

    Earlier this week, some Pinterest users noticed that the company was experimenting with support for animated GIFs on its site – the popular, moving images that, until recently, defaulted to static photos when pinned. Today, Pinterest says that it’s rolling out support for GIFs to all pinners on the web, with mobile support expected “soon.” Read More

  • Apparently the writers of V have never used an iPhone in NYC

    AT&T is just plan awful in parts of NYC, but yet Tyler, from the ABC show V, managed to get reception on his iPhone high above NYC in a gigantic spaceship. How is that possible when I know for a fact that the iPhone is basically useless in most parts of the city? Rubbish.  Read More

  • Video play-by-play: The first seven minutes of the new sci-fi TV show ‘V’

    To paraphrase the great Joe Rogan, from last Saturday’s UFC 104, I don’t watch much TV, maybe the Discovery Channel here and there to see a documentary or two. I bring this up because I’ve been told to write about some TV show called “V,” and the beauty is that I have no idea what it’s about! My first thought was, “V For Vendetta? Oh, no? Oh, well… Read More