Visa Adds Overstock.com, Its Biggest Retail Catch Yet, To Its V.me Digital Wallet

<a target="_blank" href="http://www.visa.com">Visa</a> today is announcing a key development in its bid to build a ubiquitous digital wallet service to compete against the likes of <a target="_blank"

Visa Super Sizes Its PayPal Competitor V.Me, Adds Bank Of America And RBS In The UK

Visa is picking up steam quickly on its PayPal competitor, the V.me digital wallet service. Today it is adding another major U.S. bank, the Bank of America, to its existing list of 50 partners; and it

Visa’s Digital Wallet V.me Exits Beta With 50 U.S. Banks Participating; Point-of-Sale Integration, Mobile Apps Due In Early 2013

As the digital wallet battle rages on here in the U.S., with Google Wallet, Amex's Serve, MasterCard's PayPass, Square, PayPal, carrier-backed Isis, and others all wrangling for a piece of the action,

Digital Wallet Battle Heats Up As Visa And MasterCard Enter The Game

This week, two of the major players in the credit card industry, Visa and MasterCard launched their online digital wallet services. Known as V.me (Visa's) and PayPass Wallet Services (MasterCard), bot