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Uwe Boll made himself a video game called 1968 Tunnel Rats

http://www.gametrailers.com/remote_wrap.php?mid=40153 Who can’t get enough of Uwe Boll, the loudmouth German director who hates everyone and everything? Good luck for us, then, as Mr. Boll is in

Uwe Boll's latest amazing rant: The movie industry is broken

Uwe Boll is like a more fun, less harmful Jack Thompson, constantly spouting nonsense that we find love to pieces. Mr. Boll’s latest awesome tirade is about the movie industry in general, and ho

3/4 of attendees walk out of Uwe Boll's cinematic treatment of Postal

We make fun of Uwe Boll quite a bit on here, mostly because he’s a horrible director who seems to specialize in destroying would-be cool films based on video games. Not only is he bad at making

Uwe Boll doesn't very much like Stride gum's schemeing against him

How could you hate him? That Uwe Boll doesn’t like being in the news, he loves it! This time, Popular Mechanics caught up with the outspoken director, and got his take on Stride gum’s crus

Uwe Boll would love to direct a GTA movie!

A Grand Theft Auto movie would be “super interesting” for Mr. Uwe Boll, the German director of great movies such as House of the Dead and Postal. You may remember Mr. Boll for being a gian

Help stop Uwe Boll, get a pack of Stride gum

I don’t see what the problem is with German director Uwe Boll, but it probably has something to do with the fact that I haven’t seen one of his movies. Apparently everyone hates him and thinks he