• English Premier League sets its sights on illegal match streams, P2P

    The English Premier League (or Barclays Premier League, as it’s officially named) really hates violation of its intellectual property. That is to say, a lawyer gets its wings every time you watch a Premier League game online, either on one of those live streaming sites like or Ustream, or using one of those P2P applications like TVAnts (which I got running on my MacBook the… Read More

  • Ustream's iPhone Viewing Application Downloaded 113,000 Times in 24 Hours

    Only two days after its release, Ustream’s iPhone Viewing Application has already hit the top spot of the App Store’s Entertainment section, and is ranked the 6th most popular free application overall. Ustream says that its latest figure for number of downloads stands at a whopping 113,000, which only represents the first 24 hours that the application was available (Apple… Read More

  • The Day Live Web Video Streaming Failed Us

    Yesterday was supposed to be the day that live Web video streaming took on TV broadcasting. alone served a record 21.3 million streams, with a peak of 1.3 million simultaneous streams. And Akamai reported a peak of 5.4 million simultaneous visitors per minute to the various news sites for which it hosts video, and more than 7 million simultaneous streams. With millions tuning in… Read More

  • Ustream iPhone app lets you stream video over Wi-Fi

    Ustream has received approval from Apple for its iPhone live video viewing application just in time to watch the Obama inauguration live from wherever you are. …as long as you have a wifi connection that is. The application requires an open wifi connection to show video, but it works very well. Audio is solid, picture quality is good but with a low frame rate. And users can both read… Read More

  • Ustream's Live Viewing App Hits iPhone App Store

    Ustream has received approval from Apple for its iPhone live video viewing application just in time to watch the Obama inauguration live from wherever you are. …as long as you have a wifi connection that is. The application requires an open wifi connection to show video, but it works very well. Audio is solid, picture quality is good but with a low frame rate. And users can both read… Read More

  • The TechCrunch Guide To The Inauguration

    Whether you are headed to Washington for the Obama Inauguration or simply want to follow along online, there is no shortage of sites and applications dedicated to the national party on Tuesday, January 20. Of course, every major news site will have videos, photos, and reporting from the event. But the people lining the parade route will also be Twittering, uploading photos, and capturing… Read More

  • Ustream May Be First To Broadcast Video From Unhacked iPhone

    Ustream is anticipating Apple’s approval of the first non-jailbroken iPhone application that will let users record and broadcast live video from the device. Last month MobileCrunch obtained a picture of the application running on a test phone. Yesterday, co-founder John Ham demo’d the product for me here at TechCrunch – see the video below. The application lets users… Read More

  • Watch The Obama Inauguration From Your iPhone With Ustream

    John Ham, the cofounder and CEO of live video streaming site Ustream, stopped by this afternoon to show me their newest stuff – a yet-to-be-released application that lets users watch live streams from the service on their iPhone. I took a brief video of the product and embedded it below, along with the more official video from Ustream. The application will let users watch any Ustream… Read More

  • Looks like Ustream is headed for the iPhone, as well

    When we broke the news last week that is working on a mobile streaming application, the only device we could verify support for was the Nokia N95. A few days later, we’ve received photographic proof that they’re cracking away at a client for at least one other popular handset: the iPhone. Continuing a tradition long established in the world of pre-announcement… Read More

  • Will online streaming change the way we watch sports?

    Let’s revisit a topic that we addressed several months ago: illicit online streaming of television broadcasts, namely sports. This is different from going to the Pirate Bay a few hours after a show airs and downloading a file. We’re talking about, hey, the big game’s on, let’s go to or ustream to watch it. Read More

  • Google Relies On Akamai To Stream YouTube Live; 700,000 Concurrent Viewers

    Speculation was rampant the last few weeks that Google had to rely on a third party content delivery network to make the YouTube Live live concert stream properly at scale. Despite the fact that Google has it’s own quite impressive CDN, streaming live video (as opposed to progressive downloads, which YouTube has historically relied on) is hard stuff. And expensive – you have to… Read More

  • A Brief Intermission To Remember Why The Internet Is So Wonderful A camera + the Internet + puppies. Ten thousand people are watching right now. My goal is to get people to stop emailing me this. Ok? It’s awesome. I posted. Time has all the details, if you want to know their names, etc. Read More

  • IMVU Gets Pretty Racey With Those Ads

    Thanks to reader tips we’ve had a chance to see IMVU’s racey new animated banner ads showing two women kissing as they fall downwards horizontally. The ad includes the message “live the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.” I signed up immediately. The ad was spotted on Ustream, which prohibits content that is obscene or includes “pornography, erotica… Read More

  • Ustream's Republican National Convention Coverage Embedded Into Google News

    Ustream is broadcasting the Republican National Convention live (as I type) and Google has embedded its coverage into the Elections section of Google News. Why is this news? Because apparently this is the first time Google has embedded a non-Google service into one of its core pages. At least, that’s what Ustream is telling us and we have no evidence with which to disagree. You can watch… Read More

  • 8 iPhone Apps Demo Their Wares Live On Ustream

    Beginning at 1:15 PST (in about five minutes), Ustream will give eight iPhone app developers a chance to demo their apps in a live broadcast. Ustream is a live video broadcasting site that launched in March 2007 and has been compared to Here’s the planned schedule: 1:15 – Enigmo and Cro-Mag Rally
    1:30 – Modality
    1:45 – Twitterrific
    2:00 – Trism
    Read More

  • Tools For Your Video Career

    Very few would argue with the statement that video is hot right now. From the cultural phenomenon of YouTube, through to the rise of live streaming services, money is pouring into startups from content creators through to service providers. Getting into video isn’t as easy as setting up a blog, so here’s some advice of which direction to head in. The basics Obviously you’ll… Read More

  • Ustream.TV Takes $11.1 Million Series A

    Ustream.TV has taken $11.1 million Series A in a round that included Doll Capital Management and existing investor The Band of Angels. Ustream.TV was in the first wave of live broadcast sites that launched in 2007 along with Justin.TV, BlogTV and Mogulus. Ustream.TV took $2 million in angel funding in December and appointed General Wesley Clark to the board. Rumors surface in January that… Read More

  • Justin.TV's Birthday Stats—57 Years Worth of Video and Counting.

    It’s been a whole year since the launch of live video streaming site Justin.TV , and there is no shortage of competitors (Ustream, BlogTV, Kyte, Stickam, Mogulus, Yahoo Live, LiveVideo). (See more of our coverage here). But Justin.TV looks like it is holding its own in this still-nascent part of the Web. “So far,,” notes CEO Michael Seibel, “ has more than… Read More

  • Confirmed: Live Video On YouTube This Year
    First rumored in January, YouTube is definitely doing live video, and it’s happening this year. Sarah Meyers got the scoop (video above), transcript as follows care of NewTeeVee: Meyers: “When are you guys gonna do live video on YouTube?” Chen: “2008. We’ll do it this year. “Live video is just something… Read More

  • Yahoo Live Done Right from MySpace founder Brad Greenspan’s company LiveUniverse is yet another live streaming service, but it combines the best of existing services with Yahoo Live style functionality for a package worth looking at. offers the following features: show archiving, so users can record shows to be played back later embedding of live streams chat associated with… Read More