• Shakira's Stats Don't Lie: Facebook/Ustream Music Video Debut Is A Hit

    Last week we reported on Shakira’s decision to use Ustream and Facebook to live stream the debut of her latest music video, Give It Up To Me — a move that’s a fairly huge departure from the standard MTV route we probably would have seen a few years ago. Ustream has just given us the stats of yesterday’s launch, and it’s clear that it drew quite a crowd: over… Read More

  • Facebook Killed The MTV Star: Shakira To Debut New Music Video On Ustream/Facebook

    International music star Shakira is taking a new approach to releasing her latest music video: she’s doing it through a live stream on Ustream, which will be emedded on her Facebook Page. According to Sony, this is the first time an artist has used the platform to debut a music video (Updated: Sony is wrong. Chamillionaire did it first, see below). Shakira (and her managers) are keen… Read More

  • Ustream Boosts Virality, Now Lets You Syndicate Your Comments Across The Web

    Ustream has just started to roll out a new feature for its live video streams that allows commenters to syndicate their thoughts across four of the web’s largest social sites: Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and AIM instant messenger. The feature will go live for Featured shows beginning on Monday, and everyone else will have access soon thereafter. The feature is similar to what Facebook… Read More

  • The UN Taps Ustream, Skype, And Facebook To Help Stand Up Take Action!

    The United Nations has collaborated with Skype, Facebook, and Ustream to give users worldwide a greater degree of exposure and access to celebrities and politicians taking part in the Stand Up Take Action! movement to end poverty. This week key figures including former Irish President Mary Robinson and African entertainers Femi Kuti, Angelique Kidjo and Yvonne Chakachaka, will be taking part… Read More

  • Ustream On Facebook Grows A Celebrity Following, Tops 6 Million Hours Streamed

    Earlier this summer live video streaming service Ustream scored a big win as it was endorsed by Facebook as its preferred live video service. The app gives celebrities and brands a way to create their own live streams without having to build custom Live Stream Box applications, which also launched in June. Ustream on Facebook is only available to brands and celebrities at this point (you have… Read More

  • Ustream's Mobile Video Broadcasting Comes To Android

    Tonight, Google’s Android platform is getting another application that gives it functionality iPhone users can only gaze at longingly. This time, it’s Ustream, a mobile streaming application that lets you broadcast video directly from your phone. The application will be available on the Android Market by 9 AM PST tomorrow morning. Ustream isn’t the only option available… Read More

  • Ustream Sued By Boxing Promoter Over Pirated Broadcast

    Live video streaming service Ustream is being sued by Square Ring, Inc, a boxing promotional company owned by professional boxer Roy Jones, Jr. The suit alleges that Ustream has committed “massive and blatant copyright infringement” by allowing 2,377 users to view a broadcast of the fight Roy Jones Jr. vs Omar Sheika free of charge. Furthermore, the suit says that Ustream has… Read More

  • Ustream Finally Launches A Recording iPhone App. No Live Video, But A Lot Of Options.

    For several months now, Ustream has had an iPhone app that allows you to view video from the service. But “view” is the keyword there. You could only watch it, you could not record and send your own video back from the iPhone. But starting today, you finally can. The new Ustream Recorder is a free application available in Apple’s App Store that allows you to send video from… Read More

  • Opens Its API For Free, Hopes Live Video Will Explode

    “Archive video has clearly exploded all over the internet, but live video hasn’t. We think it’s because more flexibility is needed that no single product can meet, but an open platform can.” That’s what VP of Marketing Evan Solomon tells us in announcing the opening up of the service’s API. The API, which has been in closed testing for about a… Read More

  • Redesigns To Make Broadcasting Easier And Chat More Obvious

    There’s a lot of live video streaming competition out there right now, but remains the biggest. And it’s looking to hold that lead with a redesign launching today, along with some new features. The new site has an overall cleaner and simplified look. And simplification is the key to another big change: The addition of big front page broadcaster. When you first load up… Read More

  • Facebook Launches A Live Stream Box, Partners With Ustream

    Today, Facebook is launching a new “Live Stream Box” feature which allows for Facebook Pages to offer their own live video and chat area. And Ustream will be the first to take advantage of it with Ustream on Facebook, a new service to provide live video support to select Facebook users. This functionality is an extension of what Ustream and Facebook did with some Jonas Brothers… Read More

  • Stickam's StreamAPI Makes Doing Video Live Cheap And Easy

    A lot of people don’t realize just how costly and bandwidth intensive streaming live video on the web is from a back-end perspective. There’s a reason YouTube hasn’t launched a live service and Yahoo had to shut its down. Most end users never have to deal with such concerns because they use a service like Ustream, or Stickam to handle their needs on a small level. Read More

  • The 24/7 TechCrunch Office Cam Is Up And Running

    Most of you know that, following a somewhat firm request by the city of Atherton, we finally moved TechCrunch out of my house and into a great new office in the heart of downtown Palo Alto. A few of you have been kind enough to stop by and visit and see us at work. But for those of you who haven’t stopped by, you can now see what we’re up to 24/7, thanks to Ustream. The TechCrunch… Read More

  • Katalyst Media Taking Punk’d Live With Ustream

    “Punked” is one of those words that started out as a slang term, but was taken to a whole new level by a pop culture moment — in this case, the MTV show Punk’d. But as quickly as it heated up in 2003, it quickly burned out, lasting just 4 years. But the company behind it, Ashton Kutcher’s Katalyst Media, may have found a way to revive the formula — take it… Read More

  • Justin.TV Is Bigger Than Hulu . . . Overseas

    Live video on the Web is starting to take off, judging by the massive jump in traffic that is witnessing. According to comScore, the live video site’s global audience saw a massive jump from 9.3 million unique visitors in January to 15 million in February, which is about the same number of people who went to Veoh and nearly twice as many as visited Of course, Hulu… Read More

  • Live from 35k feet! [Update 2]

    Come chat with me on Ustream on my Virgin America flight and watch people walk by! I’ll be turning on my camera every hour or so and I’ll be chatting live from 35,000 feet. I’ll also be IMing with Virgin America’s IFE engineer James Weatherson around 6PM PT today and I’ll post a transcript. He’s in charge of the Red entertainment system on-board all VA… Read More

  • 10% Layoffs At Ustream

    Ustream, a live streaming video service based in Mountain View California, has laid off 4 people, or about 10% of staff, we’ve confirmed. At least two of the four staff let go were Director level or higher. The downsizing has been added to the Layoff Tracker, which has tracked over 300,000 layoffs since last year. Ustream has been in the news a lot lately and continues to innovate on… Read More

  • Ustream Launches Mobile Video Broadcasting Apps

    Live video startup Ustream is making a big push into mobile. Today it is launching a mobile business division, as well as a new set of mobile video broadcasting apps (which can be found here, after login). Right now, the apps work on a wide variety of Nokia phones, including the N95, and on the iPhone, but only jailbroken ones. Alas, the company is still waiting for approval from Apple… Read More

  • Ustream Launches Watershed, A Pay-As-You-Go Live Streaming Service For Enterprises

    Live video streaming service Ustream is rolling out a white-label service today called Watershed for Websites and businesses that want to broadcast their own live streams. Watershed comes with a lot of extra management capabilities like the ability to customize the player, add a logo, turn on features like chat, polling, picture-in-picture video chat, Twitter integration, analytics and… Read More

  • Twitter's Jack Dorsey Joins Advisory Board

    Twitter co-founder and former CEO Jack Dorsey is stepping in as an advisor to, the popular live video community site. By now, you will / should have read about how Twitter came to be and how vital the role of Dorsey was to the whole story, essentially laying the groundworks for the real-time updating service we’ve all come to love (or not understand). This history prompts… Read More

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