• Ustream Forges Joint Venture With South Korea’s KT Corp., Raises $10 Million

    Ustream Forges Joint Venture With South Korea’s KT Corp., Raises $10 Million

    Live video streaming service Ustream continues to expand its presence in Asia with the help of major telecom corporations. Today, the company is announcing that it’s teaming KT Corporation, a leading telecommunications provider in South Korea, to launch Ustream Korea. Ustream will be launching its new Korean portal in January 2012, with a new office opening in Seoul that month as well. Read More

  • The “Live Shell” Lets You Broadcast Live Video Via Ustream Without A PC

    The “Live Shell” Lets You Broadcast Live Video Via Ustream Without A PC

    Japan-based startup Cerevo took the wraps off the so-called “Live Shell” [JP] yesterday, a small device that makes it possible to stream live video to the web (via Ustream) without using a PC. It’s a significant improvement over the similar “Livebox” the company introduced last year. The Live Shell is sized at just 68×120×26mm, weighs 106g and is officially… Read More

  • Ustream Partners With Telestream To Bring Live Video Production Tools To Broadcasters Of All Stripes

    Ustream Partners With Telestream To Bring Live Video Production Tools To Broadcasters Of All Stripes

    Last month, Ustream launched its video streaming service on the iPad. As Jason reported at the time, the app allows users to view live and recorded content streaming through the Web and even to stream their own footage directly from their iPad 2s. The move was a big step forward for live, streaming video on tablet devices, especially in that the latter feature allows users to be couch… Read More

  • Ustream Lands On The iPad, Gives Couch Potatoes The Perfect Soapbox

    Ustream Lands On The iPad, Gives Couch Potatoes The Perfect Soapbox

    Ustream has landed on the iPad. Today, the streaming video service has launched its first iPad-optimized app, allowing users to view live and recorded content streaming through the service — and to stream their own footage direct from their iPad 2. You can grab the app right here. iPads are obviously well-suited for lounging — and Ustream is expecting that plenty of people will… Read More

  • Ustream's New Android App Is A Sweet Addition To Honeycomb

    Ustream's New Android App Is A Sweet Addition To Honeycomb

    If you’ve used an Android Honeycomb-equipped tablet for any length of time, you’ve probably run into a serious issue: there just aren’t that many good applications that have been optimized for the tablet form factor (or at least, they’re impossible to find). Sure, there are some phone apps with minor tweaks that scale up nicely, but in terms of apps that feel like… Read More

  • Nearing 100 Million Views, Decorah Eagles Become The Most-Watched Live Stream Ever

    It seems that the “Decorah Eagles” have officially become America’s biggest reality-TV stars. For those who haven’t yet heard, the Decorah Eagles are a family of Bald Eagles nesting in Decorah, Iowa. The Raptor Resource Project, a non-profit organization that specializes in the preservation of falcons, eagles, ospreys, hawks, and owls, established a Ustream channel… Read More

  • TechCrunch TV Goes HD

    If you have been watching TechCrunch TV interviews lately, you may have noticed the videos are much sharper, crisper and much higher quality. The reason: we’ve gone HD. We are now using a new workflow with HD cameras and HD video switcher. Our shows from New York (Fly or Die and Founder Stories) have always been produced in HD at AOL Studios. But, now our San Francisco studio has… Read More

  • With New App, Ustream Aims To Take Live Streaming On Facebook "To A New Level"

    Exclusive – Ustream is today launching a new and improved Facebook application that it says will take live streaming within the hugely popular social networking site “to another level”. The app, which is currently available to anyone with a Facebook fan page, be they businesses, artists or general user communities, enables users to opt-in for reminders for upcoming… Read More

  • After A Series Of Big Time News Events, Ustream Hits 10M Broadcasters, 60M Monthly Unique Viewers

    Video service Ustream has seen an interesting six months, between broadcasting the Chilean miner rescue, the newsfeeds of revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt, the debut of the Charlie Sheen show and the news surrounding the Japanese Tsunami and earthquake last Friday. VP of Marketing and Communications Lynn Fox tells me that the service has seen unprecedented growth, and hit 10 million total… Read More

  • Ustream 2.0 For iPhone Lets You Broadcast And View Live Video, All In One App

    Want to watch Charlie Sheen’s Sheen’s Corner on mobile? Aspire to be Charlie Sheen on mobile? Well, just like it did on Android back in January, Ustream today has combined both its Viewer and Broadcaster app into one all encompassing and newly redesigned iPhone app allowing you to stream and watch live video all from your iPhone. Taking advantage of iPhone 4’s front… Read More

  • The AirPlay Network

    Week One of the Age of iPad was barely weekended when Keith Olbermann was removed from his position at NBC/Comcast. I missed his final show, mostly because I stopped watching it and all the cable news channels once the election was over. But then I remembered we are now in the Age of iPad, and guess what I found when I turned on Apple TV. There it was right in the podcasts section, ready… Read More

  • Ustream Is Also Coming Bundled On Verizon's 4G Android Phones

    Verizon is really looking to push the capabilities of its 4G network when it arrives on Android handsets later this year. Earlier today we wrote about a partnership the carrier had forged with streaming music service MOG to put that company’s apps on every 4G Verizon Android phone. Now Ustream has announced a similar partnership: every 4G Verizon Android phone will be shipping with… Read More

  • You Can Now Follow The World Series #SFRiot On Twitter, Ustream And Foursquare

    The San Francisco Giants won the World Series earlier this evening and of course the celebration in San Francisco has at this point devolved into multiple riots, which you can now follow on Twitter through the hashtags #SFRiot and #SFScanner. About a hundred or so people have checked into the riot on Foursquare at the venue “Giants Riot on Polk Street” and assorted others. Read More

  • Ustream Cuts 4.5% Of Its Staff

    We’ve gotten word this morning that online streaming video service Ustream has laid off 9 people from its 200 person staff. With social news site Digg having other notable layoffs this week, it’s crucial to remember that startups often shed staff when going through product and business goal realignments. This is also the case here according to Ustream VP of Communications Lynn Fox. Read More

  • Ustream Lets Users Set Up Their Own Pay Per View And Ad Free Broadcasting

    Today live video streaming service Ustream launches a series of new features with the intent of making it easier for users to monetize their platform. The sexiest new feature is a service called Open Pay Per View which allows any Ustream broadcaster to apply for their own pay per view program, charging users to view premium content through Pay Pal. Like on Stickcam, with Ustream Open Pay… Read More

  • Cerevo Livebox: Broadcast Live Video On Ustream Without A PC

    Have you ever wanted your camera to stream live video to the web (on Ustream) without having to carry a computer around? Then the so-called Cerevo Livebox [JP], made by Japanese startup Cerevo, might do the trick for you. Read More

  • Chilean Miner Rescue Becomes Most-Watched Ustream Event Ever

    By now you’ve doubtless heard about the ongoing rescue of 33 Chilean miners, who have been tragically trapped 2,000 feet underground since August 5. After months of waiting, the miners are being rescued one by one (as of this writing three are still below ground), and media organizations are broadcasting the footage of the recue effort live to a reported 1 billion people.  That… Read More

  • 235,389 People Tuned In To The TechCrunch Disrupt Live Stream

    One thing I’m particularly proud of: we have provided a free live stream of nearly every conference we’ve ever put on. We’ve found that we still have plenty of people that want to attend in person. But for those who can’t make the event, the content is available to watch, gratis. Very few other large events do this. The numbers from TechCrunch Disrupt: San Francisco… Read More

  • comScore: Time Spent Watching Live Web Video Up 650 Percent

    comScore has just released some telling stats about the massive growth of live streaming video over the web. According to the analytics company, over the past year, the amount of time American audiences spent watching video on the major live video publishers (, Ustream, Livestream, LiveVideo, and Stickam) has grown 648% to more than 1.4 billion minutes. Of course, video consumption on… Read More

  • Finally Broadcasts Live From Your Android Phone Finally Broadcasts Live From Your Android Phone

    When you think about broadcasting live video over the Internet, being tethered to your computer isn’t so much fun. Broadcasting live from your mobile phone, now that starts to get interesting. Today, is joining the mobile party with an Android app for broadcasting live video (which will be available later today). A similar iPhone app is also in the works (it’s… Read More