User Experience

  • Windows 8 Is “A Cognitive Burden”

    Windows 8 Is “A Cognitive Burden”

    It’s hard to blame Microsoft for making bold decisions with its upcoming desktop operating system. But the renamed Windows 8-style UI (or Modern UI) instead of Metro might be too great a departure from known and trusted interactions found in the previous versions of Windows. According to Raluca Budiu, User Experience Specialist with Nielsen Norman Group, who gave an interview to… Read More

  • User Experience And The Poison On The Tip Of The Arrow

    User Experience And The Poison On The Tip Of The Arrow

    I used Path twice. None of the people that I know are using Path. I even checked with an early adopter of social media recently and one of Path’s earliest users. She told me that she doesn’t see a lot of people using it. Generally, this is not a good indication. Maybe there are millions of secret Path users (or users in another geography that I don’t know about) but it seems… Read More

  • User Experience Vision For Startups

    User Experience Vision For Startups

    Welcome to 1889. The field of photography was just changed forever. Up until recently, the process of taking and developing photos was expensive and cumbersome. As a result photography was available only to professional photographers or rich people. Then, a guy named George Eastman comes up with a new way to take photos. He develops a special flexible, unbreakable, rolled film that allows… Read More