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Has the fight over privacy changed at all in 2019?

Few issues divide the tech community quite like privacy. Much of Silicon Valley’s wealth has been built on data-driven advertising platforms, and yet, there remain constant concerns about the invasi

Google’s Chrome Web Store will boot apps and extensions violating new user data guidelines

Google is cleaning up its Chrome Web Store – the marketplace where you can browse for extensions and apps for its Chrome web browser. The company says it’s making changes to browser&#82

Access To User Data: If Microsoft Wins, Do Startups And Innovators Lose?

With user trust at an all-time low, keeping the FBI’s hands off foreign users’ data seems like good business sense for US companies. Microsoft says it’s “fighting the feds over your email, but

To Take On Google, Facebook’s Graph Search Engine Needs More Data, Better Signals

As Facebook begins <a href="">rolling out its Graph Search engine more broadly to its U.S. English-language u