Apple Patents A System For The Resale And Transfer Of ‘Used’ Digital Goods

A new patent application published by the USPTO today shows that Apple has been thinking hard about how it might be able to make it possible for users to resell or lend digital content they've purchas

Video game publishers complain (again) about used video game sales; GameStop defends practice (again)

<img src="" />Help me out here, guys. I have zero sympathy for video game developers and publishers who cry poverty vis-à-vis used vi

Circuit City gets one last laugh, sells broken used consoles full of personal info

<img src="">Not that ANY of you would ever sell your console without deleting all your personal files and credit card information off of makes it super easy to sell your old electronics

I doubt you guys have quite the amount of gadget clutter as those of use who accrue them for a living, but if you’ve even got half our volume of old cameras, phones, and devices in general layin