TellusLabs wants to help us better understand our planet

If you’ve spent time following companies like Orbital Insight and Descartes Labs, you might assume the geospatial analytics race has been won. But TellusLabs thinks, on the contrary, that the

CRISPR creates a way out of regulation for GMO food

Genetically modified crops are in the midst of a metamorphosis thanks to new gene-editing technology. The latest example is a white button mushroom genetically edited using CRISPR, or the ability to s

The American Egg Board May Have Used Public Funds To Conspire Against Hampton Creek

The American Egg Board (AEB) may have violated federal laws by using public funds to try to obstruct Hampton Creek from selling its eggless mayonnaise alternative "Just Mayo." The USDA has now opened

Hackathon Challenges Developers To Make A Difference In Ag

Drought one year. Flooding the next. If we’ve learned anything in the agriculture industry in recent years, it’s that climate change and extreme weather patterns are the new reality -- and all of

Spurring Investments And Innovation In Agriculture

The federal government is often criticized by Silicon Valley for being outdated and slow to react to cutting-edge technologies. But the U.S. Department of Agriculture is striving to shed old-school la

U.S.D.A. Giving INEOS Bio $75 Million Loan To Make Ethanol From Waste

<img src="" class="shot2"></img> INEOS New Planet BioEnergy — a joint venture between the biofuels division of the chemicals company