• USB 3.0 to make its debut next week?

    People have been accusing Intel of holding back the specs on USB 3.0 controllers, possibly so they themselves will have more time to design for it. But today they let fly a press release saying the specs were now available and would be released for free, as planned. The release includes some kind words from AMD, despite that company’s vocal criticism of Intel earlier. As Intel’s… Read More

  • Intel says USB 3 on its way, despite AMD and Nvidia's complaints

    While I personally think USB 2.0 is reasonably fast way to transfer data, some of you are more impatient than I am. I can load a film onto my iPod Touch in a matter or seconds, but some of you want it more instantly, and you’re about to get your way. Intel is leading the development of the spec with HP and Microsoft. The reason it’s not here yet is grousing on the part of AMD… Read More