Use This 13-port USB 2.0 Hub In Your PC's 5-Inch Bay

<img src="" /> One can never have too many USB ports. If you think <a href="

Thanko's "USB Necktie Cooler 3"

<img src="" /> It took <a href="">Thanko</a>'s star engineers over two years,

Acronym soup: M600 gets CESG CAPS for HMG

<img src="" />Don't you just love security product announcements? They're full of acronyms you've seen but can never remember the m

Power Strip-like USB Hub

<img src="" /> A power strip-like USB hub with four ports than can be turned on or off individually? That, and another ver

Thanko Sells USB Stapler

<img src="" /> The world's most famous USB crap gadget maker strikes again. Tokyo-based <a href="

Gold Ingot USB memory stick

<img src="" /> In case you ever wanted a "golden" USB memory stick, here's your chance: made by <a href="

Wooden USB sticks might give you splinters

Yep, a wooden USB drive — we’ve seen that before, but these are a little nicer. Each one is custom made from a stick specially selected by artisans for it’s beauty and then professio

For kids, moms and dads: Panasonic to offer 3D glasses for the whole family

<img src="" /> Panasonic not only announced <a href="

Bluetooth wristwatch with detachable LCD (which doubles as headset)

<img src="" /> Not everything Tokyo-based crap gadget maker <a href="">Thanko</a

Thanko's USB butt cooler cushion

<img src="" /> Tokyo-based crap gadget maker <a href="">Thanko</a> is at it agai

USB Clip memory stick – why didn't I think of that?

<img src="" />Much like the <a href="

Fact: iPhone 4 takes 23 percent longer to charge via USB than via electrical outlet

<img src="" />Well look at this. The <a HREF="">iPhone 4</a> takes an average of 23 percen

Japan gets TransferJet-compatible USB cradle for wireless data transfer

<img src="" /> <a href="">TransferJet</a> is a close-proximity wireless transfer tech

Thanko sells digital camera/binoculars hybrid

<img src="" /> Tokyo's most famous gadget maker, <a href="">Thanko</a>, has another hi

How to stick a USB charger into your Camry

Instructables has an interesting instruction set for adding a USB port to your car’s dashboard, thereby avoiding the “wall wart” that comes with most USB-charging devices for the car

Even Thanko now starts offering 3D devices (a photo frame)

<img src="" /> Take this with a grain of salt, but I need to report that <a href="">Thank

Thanko releases "Wristband Battery" for portable gadgets

<img src="" /> Tokyo-based gadget maker <a href="">Thanko</a> is at it again. This time,

USB powered boots hit the mainstream

<img src="" /><a href="

Plugable shows off new USB display and docking adapters

<img src="" />You might have heard of Plugable Technologies before, they make USB adapters that allow you to plug a m

Lok-it secure USB drive protects your data

<img src="" />I love this device. It's always bothered me that if you lose a USB key, you lose the data as well. The Lok-I
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