usb stick

  • Crunch Report | Elon Musk Wants To Make Infrastructure Great Again

    Legendary Pokémon come to Pokémon GO, Elon Musk says he has verbal OK to build tunnel on the East Coast, YouTube Live launches in 10 more markets and Intel launches deep learning on a stick with Movidius technology. All this on Crunch Report! Read More

  • Super-cute Hello Kitty USB flash drive

    Sanrio, the company behind the dream of millions of teenage girls around the world, cartoon cat Hello Kitty, is to celebrate the cat’s 35th birthday on November 1st. Reason enough to team up with design USB flash drive maker Mimoco and give us the Hello Kitty X Mimobot, quite possibly the cutest USB stick out there. Read More

  • Only in Japan: USB stick lets users watch digital TV on their iPhones

    In Japan, it’s hard to find a cell phone that doesn’t come with a digital TV tuner nowadays. Some of them even have two (so you can watch one program and record another on your phone’s microSD). And some people in this country actually do use these tuners, which means the iPhone is at a disadvantage when compared to domestic phones. Japanese customers could buy an… Read More

  • Meet the CatBar, a hand-made and very odd-looking USB stick

    The term “hand-made” is probably one of the last things you would think of when it comes to USB sticks. But not so in Japan, where a craftswoman apparantly spends a whole working day to manufacture one stick that’s shaped like a little cat. Read More

  • "Locky Memory": A USB stick that protects your important data via a numeric password

    The USB stick with the built-in Post-It pad from Japan was weird but this one looks quite useful. A Japanese company called Rinso Do [JP] is now selling a USB stick that comes with a numeric keypad that allows users to set a password to prevent data theft. Video after the jump. Read More

  • Radiohead releases album on USB stick

    I am in love with this Radiohead 4GB limited edition USB stick. Not only does it look rad, it features all 7 Parlophone albums and includes all of the album artwork. The live album is also included in the bundle and all audio files are WAV so you don’t have to worry about the quality. It’s exclusive to the Radiohead store and going for a massive $166. Yikes! You can also check out… Read More