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Tomu is a fingernail-sized computer that is easy to swallow

I’m a huge fan of single board computers, especially if they’re small enough to swallow. That’s why I like the Tomu. This teeny-tiny ARM processor essentially interfaces with your co

Truck Card Reader And USB Hub Combo

<img src="" /> I wonder why USB specialist <a href="">Thanko</a> has never thought of

Elecom's mountable 4-port USB hub

<img src="" alt="" />Here’s a four-port USB hub from Elecom that comes with magnetic backing and hooks for easy mounting on

DIY: SNES cartridge USB hub

<img src="">Got a bunch of SNES games stuffed in a box somewhere at your 'rents house? Yeah, I do. Turn 'em into a rad USB

Review: Targus USB Hub for Mac

Yeah, I know, it’s a USB hub. But this little guy from Targus is pretty neat. It’s geared towards the Mac crowd with its color scheme, but that shouldn’t deter Windows or Linux folk.

Japanese get a set of cute Snoopy PC accessories, all others don't

Tokyo-based Kokuyo today announced a set of PC accessories [JP] that will make the heart of every Snoopy fan beat faster. The devices will hit Japan (and Japan only) December 22. Snoopy is featured on

Transformers All Spark-style USB hub

If you loved the (most recent) Transformers Movie, now’s your chance to show it. Buy a huge cube designed to look like the artifact from the movie. It’s got four USB slots and when you plu

Converge much? Coffee warmer, USB hub, clock

I’m sitting here staring at my Belkin USB hub that serves as a poor man’s docking station because I’m too cheap to spring for a $180 piece of plastic from Sony that would allow me to

Belkin Announces Network USB Hub

Belkin has announced a new network USB hub that conjures up a bit black magic to trick your computer into thinking that it’s directly plugged into all your devices when it really isn’t. The hub wo

Brando Twister Hub: A USB Hub, Except It Twists

We know, we know, it’s just a freaking USB hub. But if you’re the type to care about design, then this four-port hub probably deserves a spot on your desk. Each USB 2.0 port can swivel 180

Lindy Illuminated Mouse Pad With Four-Port USB Hub

Mouse pads are a dime a dozen, but we bet yours doesn’t have a four-port USB hub. Right? That is, unless you’ve already purchased one of these Lindy Illuminated pads, in which case we apol