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No, Spotify, you shouldn’t have sent mysterious USB drives to journalists

Last week, Spotify sent a number of USB drives to reporters with a note: “Play me.” It’s not uncommon for reporters to receive USB drives in the post. Companies distribute USB drives

Gnarbox 2.0 backup SSD is a photographer’s best friend in the field and at home

Working photographers, and enthusiasts who just love taking plenty of pictures, know that even the biggest SD cards can sometimes fill up, especially when you’re working with large file sizes, s

Microsoft wants to bring exFAT to the Linux kernel

ExFAT, the Extended File Allocation Table, is Microsoft’s file system for flash drives and SD cards, which launched in 2006. Because it was proprietary, mounting these drives and cards on Linux

Donated devices are doxing your data, says new research

In the space of six months, one security researcher found thousands of files from dozens of computers, phones and flash drives — most of which contained personal information. All the researcher did

A digitizing David takes on photo-scanning Goliath

Mitch Goldstone loves photo scanning. His business, ScanMyPhotos, does what it says on the tin: you send photos to the company and, using high speed scanners and special software, his team digitizes y

The Netgear ReadyNAS 524X is a data hoarder’s delight

As a member of the Data Generation, I’ve found that my photos, videos, and documents quickly expand to fill their containers. A standard USB drive is quickly replaced by another, larger one whil

Hands-On: Verbatim Clip-it USB Drive

There’s not much to say here. The Verbatim Clip-it is a slim-style USB flash drive with a little plastic clip on one side. It’s small and cheap enough that it should be considered replacea

Christian Audigier's reign of terror extends to USB drives

<img src="" alt="" />Let’s clear the air real quick. Ed Hardy is one of the godfathers of modern tattooing and he learned

Smooching USB flash drives

<img src=""> Why not? USB drives come in a variety of flavors and designs so it only makes sense that the world has kissing drives.

USB Floppy Drive Key provides 2-in-1 storage option

If you’re a sysadmin, you may have noticed a somewhat annoying trend: computers — especially servers — rarely ship with floppy drives any more, and yet BIOS updates still often requi

Brando intros cubical time wasters that doubles as USB flash drives

You might tell your boss that your new crap from Brando is just a flash drive, but we all know it’s something to burn the clock. Just think, you and your buddy could get different colored 8GB &#

Mimoco shipping Series 2 Star Wars mimobots

The Star Wars mimobot USB flash drives we saw at Macworld are now available. Because of the previous runs popularity this series’ production was jacked up a little to accommodate the crazed Star

Mimico Halo Mimobots Are Here!

Did you really think we wouldn’t see a Master Chief Mimobot? The Halo Mimobot Series 1 flash drives are limited in quantity and come in Master Chief, Red Spartan, and Blue Spartan. They’re also pr