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Hands-on with the Hitachi Life Studio Mobile Plus

The Hitachi Life Studio is supposed to be the next generation of portable drives. Aside from the odd addition of a magnetic flash drive to the front of the case, this clever little drive includes medi

Japanese company sells USB stick with built-in "Post-it" pad

<img src="" /> I am doubting that the original <a href="">Post-it brand</a> is really behind thi

Buffalo introduces a super-slim 16GB thumb drive

Thin is in! The RUF2-KL, introduced in Japan, would be your run-of-the-mill 16GB thumb drive, if it weren’t for the fact that it’s only 8mm thick. (0.315 inches) The lilliputian thumb driv

Community-designed VDC Mimobot Series now available

Now this is something I’d like to see the bigger tech co.’s latch onto. Last year Mimoco started the Vimobot Design Contest by releasing oversized blank vinyl toys for artists and fans to use as a

Clever promotions company fills USB drive with beer, other liquids declared the best thing on earth

This is what’s wrong with Digg. I just wish I had found it first. Heh. CNK


God is dead. $28 on Brando.

Brando USB Carabiner Flash Drive

so much depends upon a USB Carabiner Flash Drive glazed with rain water beside the white chickens.

Kingston introduces government-certified DT BlackBox USB Drive

Kingston Technology has announced the most secure USB drive ever. So secure that it is the first USB drive to have been FIPS-certified by the U.S. Government. The Kingston DataTraveler BlackBox has 25

Corsair 1GB Flash Voyager USB drive gets modded like never before

All this because the keychain broke. I suppose I’d try the same thing if I had the means. What won’t mechanical engineers do? Good on ya, Russell. [photopress:usb_armor11.jpg,thumb,pp_imag

Google sends out holiday gifts, we get nothing

Umm, Google? Did we do something to deserve the coals or lack there of that you’ve sent to CG’s HQ? The ladies over at Sugar have gotten their well-manicured paws on an ultra-thin 2GB flas

Olympus Announces Two Ultimate Hybrid Voice Recorders

Do people still use voice recorders? Oh, yeah, Josh still uses one, but he’s a real journalist. In case anyone in our audience still uses them then take heed for Olympus has released not one, but tw

MojoPac Goes Enterprise, Puts Your Desktop On A USB Drive

RingCube Technologies has announced the release of the MojoPac Enterprise Edition software that allows telecommuters, contract workers and road warriors the ability to store a virtual desktop onto a U

Toshiba Upgrades Transmemory USB Flash Drives

Windows Vista users will be happy to know that Toshiba has announced the U2K line of Windows ReadyBoost Transmemory USB flash drives. In an effort to increase the performance of Vista machines, the ne

Active Crystals: Philips and Swarovski Mashup

We briefly take you away from your gadget-obsessed world to show you something new: these are called girls. You should find them outside your mom’s basement. Now back to your Xbox. Oh and they&#

Anti-Virus On A USB Drive

When your Windows-based PC becomes infected with an assload of virii and you have no clue how to recover, what do you do? You place an overseas order for DigiWorks’ USB Virus Chaser and pray for

Bike Lock + USB Drive = Possible Smash Hit

This company called Duck Image came up with a concept idea awhile back and is finally being brought to light. Those of you who are really protective and private will surely want to keep your data lock