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Brando gets comfy with USB 3.0

<img src=""><a href="">USB 3.0</a> is no longer for richy-rich chumps. The low-c

Via Labs is showing off its 4-port USB 3.0 host controller at Computex

<img src="">Via first showed off its USB 3.0 host controller at CES 2010 and it just broke cover at Computex. The VL800 series chip

LaCie's Rugged line of external HDDs just got USB 3.0'd

Few people even have USB 3.0 ports on their PCs at the moment, but that shouldn’t stop peripheral-makers from preparing for the demand. Let’s be honest: as cool as Light Peak sounds, it&#8

Transcend StoreJet 25D3 does the USB 3.0 dance

<img src="" alt="" title="transcend_storejet-25d3" width="450" height="300" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-152289

USB 3.0 adoption could be slowed because of lack of demand

<img src="" />Willing to spend $300+ on a fancy motherboard just so you can get <a HREF="">USB 3.0</

The PQI H566 USB 3.0 external hard drive is a looker

<img src="">PQI was one of the first companies to out <a href="

The Century USB 3.0 2.5-inch HDD enclosure lets you test USB 3.0's water

<img src=""><a href="">USB 3.0</a> hard drives are little on the expensive s

Asus adding USB 3.0 to entire PC line

USB 3.0 is quickly on the road to becoming a standard issue item and Asus is helping it along in a big way. The computer manufacturer just announced that its adding the faster interface to every PC co

Gigabyte: 1 million USB 3.0 motherboards served

<img src="" />Gigabyte's USB 3.0-capable motherboards have gone platinum, as they say in the record biz. Gigabyte announced that it has sh

Buffalo boards the USB 3.0 train with the MiniStation Cobalt

<img src="">The <a href="">Western Digital MyBook 3

Super Talent SuperCrypt flash drive is both super with USB 3.0 and cryptic with 256-bit encryption

<img src="">This is more like it. After seeing Corsair out <a href="

The Apogee Astro Drive Series A101 from Chaintech is apparently the world's smallest USB 3.0 drive

<img src=""><a href="">USB 3.0</a> is finally getting some traction in the market place as

Japan gets slew of new USB 3.0 external HDDs

<img src="" /> Computer equipment maker Buffalo is pretty <a href="

Belkin launches pricey USB 3.0 products

<img src="" alt="" />In an age when standard USB 2.0 cables can be purchased for next to nothing, the $40 price tag on Belk

World's first 4-port USB 3.0 hub is here

<img src="" /> <a href="">USB 3.0</a> is poised to become mainstr

USB 3.0-compatible PCI Express interface card

<img src="" /> <a href="">USB 3.0</a> is just around the corne

eSATA is faster than USB 3.0 — at least right now

<img src="">Most hardware manufacturers are finally rolling out <a href="">USB 3.0</a> devic

Apple may or may not be testing USB 3.0 controllers

<img src=""><a href="">USB 3.0</a> is the

Review: Western Digital My Book 3.0

We looked at the 500GB USB 3.0 Seagate BlackArmor PS110 a few days back and now the Western Digital My Book 3.0 drive is on the bench. There are some important differences and similarities between t

Review: Seagate's USB 3.0 BlackArmor PS110 portable hard drive kit

The future is here, everyone. Let’s check out the just-announced Seagate BlackArmor PS110 Performance kit. It’s Seagate’s first USB 3.0 product and it’s noice — where noi
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