The Freedom Tray: Made in America, used everywhere

<img src="" />I have written about gadgets and tech and whatnot for four <i>long</i> years now, but this is <i>by far</i> the gr

Someone at the Census thinks we should, you know, use technology to improve the Census

<img src="" />We're stretching for stories today, believe me. Hence: it's about time we update the way we conduct the U.S. census. Someon

This isn't going to end well: NTT Docomo to enter the US cell phone market next year

<img src="" /> Japan's <a href="">NTT DoCoMo</a>, the country's biggest mobile phone subscriber

New restrictions in place for U.S. border laptop searches

<img src="" />A bit of a corollary to yesterday's story of an ACLU lawsuit designed to ascertain more information about laptop border s

ACLU files lawsuit over laptop border searches

<img src="" />The ACLU doesn't like that the U.S. Customs and Border Protection can search through all your electronic personal effects&

Man, the U.S. had a crazy cyberwar plan against Iraq (that it didn't execute)

<img src="" />How great is this: in 2003, the Pentagon and intelligence agencies had a plan on the books to launch a cyberattack on Iraq

Let's guess each other's Social Security Numbers, for fun

<img src="" />True story: I didn't even know my Social Security Number until my freshman year of college, when it was used as my dorm buildi

Can you name a scientist? Not too many Americans can, it turns out.

<img src="" />Some hard science-related news for you now. Try this: name a scientist. Go ahead, name one, any one. If you're like me the f

Patriotic Microsoft threatens to move U.S. jobs overseas rather than pay taxes

<img src="" />Good for Microsoft, kicking the American worker when he's down. President Obama means to close a loophole in the taxcode t

U.S. government beginning to take cyberwarfare more seriously

<img src="" />We here at <i>Crunch</i> may use the Internet for fun little things, like Twitter or Spotify (I've tried the U.S. version

Cablevision to offer fastest broadband speed in America: 101 megabits per second down, 15 megabits per second up

<img src="" />Never have I been happier to be a Cablevision subscriber. The New York area company will offer the fastest broadband in the

Blame the Internet: Only 38 percent of young Americans see a TV set as a necessity

<img src="" />Would you still consider your TV to be a necessity, or has its functionality largely been replaced by other devices such as

The iPod touch: Integral part of the modern soldier's arsenal

<img src="" />To completely rip off Rock, Paper, Shotgun</a>: Sundays are for watching TV, playing video games and building up you

Good luck, bro: Someone will attempt to break Billy Mitchell's Donkey Kong record at E3

<img src="" />Billy Mitchell is a pompous ass, but that's 90 percent of the reason why he's The Man. As many of you know, he holds

Why does America's broadband stink on ice?

<img src="" />How fast is your broadband Internet connection? (Do you even have a broadband Internet connection?) A quick tri

Perhaps pizza vending machines are why America is so fat

<img src="" />Let's not split hairs: the United States of America is an <a HREF="

The Internet during a recession: Welcome distraction or ruiner of dreams?

<img src="" />In the late 1990s, when I used to watch Fox Sports News in the morning before school, there used to me a commercial for t

Where does it end? North Carolina considers its own ‘download tax’

<img src="" />Oh, North Carolina. The state, which is home to Ric Flair (pictured here), is now <a HREF="

Crisis averted! U.S. gets back its MP3 player loaded with military info

<img src="" />As I said on the <a HREF="">podcast</a> earlier this aftern

New Zealand man buys MP3 player loaded with U.S. military data

<img src="" />A Kiwi bought an MP3 player in Oklahoma. No, that's not a setup to a bad joke, but the chilling, real life ordeal that's cur
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