Evernote quietly disappeared from an anti-surveillance lobbying group’s website

In 2013, eight tech companies were accused of funneling their users’ data to the U.S. National Security Agency under the so-called PRISM program, according to highly classified government docume

Congress extends NSA call records collection powers to March

In passing a short-term funding bill to avoid a U.S. government shutdown, Congress has also extended the government’s legal powers allowing it to collect daily millions of Americans’ call

Cloudflare explains how FBI gag order impacted business

Cloudflare issued its biannual transparency report yesterday, detailing the government requests for user data it received during the latter half of 2016. Many tech companies make regular disclosures a

Risks And Red Lines As UK Prepares To Reforge Surveillance Law

This year the U.K. has a historic opportunity to lead the world in creating a transparent legal framework for the operation of secret state surveillance powers. But there is a parallel risk of forging

Senate Passes Cybersecurity Threat Sharing Bill That Tech Hates

In a crushing blow to the tech industry and privacy advocates, the Senate today passed the controversial Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA). The bill, which passed the Senate on a 74-21 b

Court Rules NSA Bulk Data Collection Can Resume

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court ruled late Monday that the NSA may temporarily resume its bulk data collection of Americans' phone records. The ruling revives the NSA program that was h

Senate Votes 67-32 To Reform The NSA’s Phone Record Program

On a vote of 67 to 32 today, the Senate passed the USA FREEDOM Act. The bill, which will now race to President Barack Obama's desk, marks the first time Congress has moved to reform the National Secur

Privacy Advocates Hope Sunset Of Section 215 Marks Dawn Of Surveillance Reform

In a rare Sunday session, the Senate voted 77 to 17 yesterday to advance the USA Freedom Act, a bill that hopes to rein in, albeit partially, the NSA’s surveillance programs that touch American citi

The Senate Advances NSA Surveillance Reform Legislation As Deadline Approaches

In a rare Sunday session ,the Senate voted 77-to-17 to take up the USA Freedom Act, a bill already passed in the House that would reform the NSA. The procedural vote came just hours before key prov

Tech Giants Pile On In Support Of The NSA-Curtailing USA FREEDOM Act

Following previous gestures of support, a grip of technology trade groups representing the industry's largest players signed and released a letter expressing support for the House's USA FREEDOM Act, a

Tech’s Year Of Missed Political Gains

The technology sector had a rough year in Washington. In the face of growing political spending, increasing economic might and stumbling government agencies, tech got nearly nothing it wanted in 2014

NSA Surveillance Faces Senate Test

The United States Senate could vote on the USA FREEDOM Act as soon as next week, pushing the surveillance reform bill ahead this year. That would buck prior conventional wisdom that the Act was not a

NSA Reform Drifts Sideways In The Senate

According to Senate sources speaking to The Hill, the White House would prefer not to pass NSA reform in the coming lame duck Congressional session. Current chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committ

Strengthened Senate NSA Reform Measure Is ‘A Good First Step’

Earlier this week, Sen. Patrick Leahy introduced a strengthened version of the USA FREEDOM Act to praise from tech companies, privacy groups and the New York Times editorial board. As that initial app