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Microsoft reveals how hackers stole its email signing key… kind of

A series of unfortunate and cascading mistakes allowed a China-backed hacking group to steal one of the keys to Microsoft’s email kingdom that granted near unfettered access to U.S. government i

US, UK authorities sanction more alleged Trickbot gang members

U.S. and U.K. authorities have sanctioned more alleged members of the notorious Russia-based Trickbot cybercrime gang. The U.S. Treasury and U.K.’s Foreign Office announced on Thursday fresh sanctio

FBI operation tricked thousands of computers infected by Qakbot into uninstalling the malware

A U.S. government operation has dismantled the infrastructure of the notorious Qakbot malware, which officials say caused “hundreds of millions” of dollars of damage worldwide. In an announcement

FBI says North Korean hackers preparing to cash out after high-profile crypto hacks

The U.S. government said it believes North Korean hackers are preparing to cash out millions of dollars stolen during a spate of high-profile crypto hacks. On Tuesday, the FBI warned cryptocurrency co

US cyber board to investigate Microsoft hack of government emails

A U.S. review board tasked with investigating major cybersecurity incidents said it will begin looking at the recent intrusion of U.S. government email systems provided by Microsoft, whose handling of

US, Norway say hackers have been exploiting Ivanti zero-day since April

Hackers exploited a zero-day flaw in Ivanti’s mobile endpoint management software undetected for at least three months, U.S. and Norwegian cybersecurity agencies have warned. It was confirmed last w

Fake passports, real bank accounts: How TheTruthSpy stalkerware made its millions

A network of fake sellers, created with forged documents, allowed a global phone surveillance ring to operate under the radar for years.

US government launches the Cyber Trust Mark, its long-awaited IoT security labeling program

The Biden administration has launched its long-awaited Internet of Things (IoT) cybersecurity labeling program that aims to protect Americans against the myriad security risks associated with internet

Chinese hackers raided US government email accounts by exploiting Microsoft cloud bug

Chinese hackers exploited a flaw in Microsoft’s cloud email service to gain access to the email accounts of U.S. government employees, the technology giant has confirmed. The hacking group, tracked

US confirms federal agencies hit by MOVEit breach, as hackers list more victims

The U.S. government has confirmed that multiple federal agencies have fallen victim to cyberattacks exploiting a security vulnerability in a popular file transfer tool. In a statement shared with Tech

Legal tech firm Casepoint investigates breach after hackers claim theft of government data

Casepoint says it’s investigating a potential cybersecurity incident after hackers claimed to have compromised the legal technology platform to steal terabytes of sensitive data. U.S.-based Casepoin

US sanctions Russian accused of being a ‘central figure’ in major ransomware attacks

The U.S. government has indicted a Russian national for his alleged role in ransomware attacks against U.S. law enforcement and critical infrastructure. U.S. authorities accuse Mikhail Matveev, also k

US authorities seize more domains linked to prolific DDoS-for-hire websites

U.S. authorities have seized 13 more domains linked to some of the world’s most popular DDoS-for-hire websites. These websites, also described as “booter” or “stressor” services, are markete

Ransomware attack forces Dallas to shut down courts, disrupts some 911 services

The City of Dallas in Texas has confirmed a ransomware attack has downed key services, including 911 dispatch systems.  City officials confirmed on Wednesday that a number of the city’s servers

How the feds caught a notorious credit card fraudster

The U.S. government announced on Wednesday that it had dismantled “Try2Check,” a credit card checking operation that allowed cybercriminals involved with the bulk purchase and sale of stolen credi

Russian hackers exploit six-year-old Cisco flaw to target US government agencies

APT28, a state-sponsored hacking group operated by Russian military intelligence, is exploiting a six-year-old vulnerability in Cisco routers to deploy malware and carry out surveillance, according to

Nation state hackers exploited years-old bug to breach a US federal agency

The U.S. government has warned that multiple cybercriminal gangs, including a nation state-backed hacking group, exploited a four-year-old software vulnerability in order to compromise a U.S. federal

US government warns Royal ransomware is targeting critical infrastructure

The U.S. government is sounding the alarm about the Royal ransomware operation, which it says has targeted numerous critical infrastructure sectors across the United States. In a joint advisory releas

US Marshals Service says hackers accessed sensitive law enforcement data

The United States Marshals Service (USMS) says it was hit by a ransomware attack that exposed sensitive law enforcement data, including personal information belonging to the targets of investigations.

New Jersey and Ohio are the latest states to ban TikTok on government devices

New Jersey and Ohio are the latest states to ban TikTok on government-owned devices over national security concerns. The two have joined at least 20 other states in doing so. The move comes amid fears
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