• Urwerk UR-210 Watch Hands-On: It’s An Extremely Expensive Exercise Reminder

    Urwerk UR-210 Watch Hands-On: It’s An Extremely Expensive Exercise Reminder

    Luxury Swiss watch maker Urwerk is among the few top watch brands that can excite both gadget lover and traditional watch enthusiast alike. Their secret is consistently pushing forward in terms of modern design as well as technical innovation. Their new UR-210 timepiece might look like a spaceship, but is really just a gadget to tell you that it is time to get off your butt and exercise. It… Read More

  • Urwerk Releases A Pocket Watch For The Technophilic Dandy

    Urwerk Releases A Pocket Watch For The Technophilic Dandy

    That’s not the Terminator’s gallbladder you’re looking at there. It’s actually a pocket watch made by Urwerk, a noted designer of extremely high-end timepieces for folks like to think they are Jules Verne. The watch, called the UR-1001 Zeit Device, tells the time down to (up to?) the century and even has a register for 1,000s of years aka millennia. Why? Because… Read More

  • Urwerk's UR-202S Wild Watch In Steel

    The Urwerk UR-202S, aka the Hammerhead, also bears the name “Full Metal Jacket.” The Stanley Kubrick movie reference points to the fact that this Urwerk watch is the first this brand has offered with a metal bracelet. According to Urwerk, bracelets have been part of their plans for a while but for various reasons was never fully realized until now. Components are limited by… Read More

  • Urwerk UR-110 Torpedo Watch Hands-On

    When Martin and Felix of Urwerk wanted to create something new – they had to sit down for a while and think about what they had done before, and what they could follow up with that was unique in the watch world. Doing that is really tough. Even the satellite time telling system that Urwerk is known for isn’t unique to them, originating a long time ago elsewhere. Urwerk just sort… Read More

  • Urwerk UR-CC1 King Cobra Watch Hands-On

    I wanted to say that the UR-CC1 “King Cobra” was one of the weirder Urwerk watches out there, but that is sort of like saying a guy with 3 arms is that much stranger than a guy with 5 arms. Urwerk timepieces have always been very different in style and appearance, but also provocative. Last year the brand finished developing their UR-CC1 watch that tells time via two linear dials. Read More

  • Urwerk's air-powered watch: Seriously, WTF

    I’m sad to report that uber-horology has jumped the shark. This example of a concept by Urwerk proves that watchmakers are basically putting slips of paper into a hat (“tourbillon,” “digital,” “goat-powered”) and picking out permutations to sell. In this case they picked a random number, say $200,000, and said their “wind-powered”… Read More