• OLPC's first kids get their units; vaporware schmaporware

    We’ve been paying a lot of attention to the OLPC project, and the resultant XO laptop. That’s because the project is ambitious as it is important, putting laptops into the hands of those who otherwise wouldn’t have access to them, thus bridging the digital divide. They’ve been in design, in theory, in limbo, and now, finally, in the hands of students who they’re… Read More

  • Uruguay first to purchase XO Laptop (OLPC, $100 laptop, whatever its name is today)

    AP image I won’t even bother explaining what the $100 laptop (which is really a $183 laptop) is since we write about it seemingly every day. I will, however, casually mention that Uruguay, winner of two World Cups and 14 Copa Americas, is the first country to officially place an order for them. Montevideo has ordered 100,000 laptops for its schoolchildren, who will benefit from the… Read More