• UChek Is A New App That Does Mobile Urinalysis On The Cheap

    UChek Is A New App That Does Mobile Urinalysis On The Cheap

    Like to use your iPhone on the toilet? Myshkin Ingawale has an app for that. Ingawale is the co-founder of Biosense, a med-tech company based in Mumbai that specializes in cheap and functional medical technologies. Last year’s product was a portable and needleless anemia screener called ToucHb. At TED in Los Angeles today he unveiled the charmingly named UChek, a urinalysis app for… Read More

  • NASA building new toilet, asks workers to ‘evacuate’

    Here’s a tidbit of information for your next dinner party. Apparently, you can’t make fake urine. Can’t be done! In light of this fact, NASA is asking its employees in Houston’s Johnson Space Center to share their pee pee in order to test out the magical, wonderful toilet that’s going into the new Orion space capsule. Toilets are a serious matter for NASA and… Read More

  • NoPoPo puts the "pee" in "power"

    I drink enough beer that these urine-powered AA batteries could save me hundreds of dollars a year. Ok, not really, and I don’t really have any devices that aren’t rechargeable these days, except maybe my remote control, but I’m sure someone, somewhere (Japan!) will find these little guys very useful. The makers are claiming one “full” battery can charge a… Read More

  • Talking Urinal Cake Tells You To Lay Off The Hard Stuff

    Urinal cake technology has been pretty stagnant in recent years. However, apparently New Mexico has been pretty pissed (get it?) about how many of its citizens are drinking and driving, That’s where these new cutting-edge, state-of-the-art cakes come in. Even though most people know that by the time you think you hear your toilet talking to you, you’ve usually had enough to drink… Read More