Review: The $1200 URC MX-5000 remote

Unboxing the $1,199 URC MX-5000 remote

So this is what an expensive universal remote looks like, eh? Interesting. I have to say after using almost every Harmony, Monster Cable remote, and many Philips Prontos, that Universal Remote Control

Universal Remote Control debuts the MX-5000 touchscreen remote

URC has thrown down the gauntlet and let loose the sexy MX-5000 universal remote. Look at that thing. It’s stunning, but the looks are only half the equation as this is the first remote on the m

Universal Remote removes the PC setup with the URC Digital R50 remote

The Universal Remote Control Digital R50 universal remote takes the best of today’s remotes and makes the setup even easier without PC setup. The remote can still do all the goodie macro themes