AxleHire to scale Tortoise and URB-E zero-emissions delivery solutions nationally

Last-mile logistics supplier AxleHire provides same-day and next-day delivery through a network that includes gig economy, couriers and traditional carriers. Over the past year, it has been quietly pi

URB-E’s launching a scooter sharing network at college campuses and hotels

URB-E, the startup that creates foldable electric scooters, is launching a transportation system designed to promote scooter sharing on colleges campuses and other large residential developments. One

URB-E’s newest foldable electric scooter cuts the price to $899

URB-E is a foldable electric scooter that first launched in prototype-form back at CES in January 2014. Last year we checked out a version that could carry an adult up to 20 miles at a speed of 15 MPH

The URB-E Is A Foldable Electric Scooter For The Urban Commuter

Debuting in prototype-form at CES a few years ago, the URB-E is finally ready for the spotlight. Weighing just under 35 pounds, the foldable scooter can carry an adult up to 20 miles at a top speed

Urb-E, The Fold-Up Electric Scooter, Goes Live On Indiegogo

Back at <a href="https://techcrunch.com/2014/01/10/meet-urb-e-the-worlds-most-compact-electric-scooter/">CES in January</a>, among all the fun and interesting new projects we investigated, one gadget

Meet Urb-E, The World’s Most Compact Electric Scooter

One of the more interesting discoveries at this year's CES was the <a target="_blank" href="http://urb-e.com/product.html">Urb-E e-vehicle</a>, a super compact electric scooter that folds right up in