• URB-E’s newest foldable electric scooter cuts the price to $899

    URB-E is a foldable electric scooter that first launched in prototype-form back at CES in January 2014. Last year we checked out a version that could carry an adult up to 20 miles at a speed of 15 MPH. While we liked the vehicle, we though the $1,499 price point was a bit too prohibitive for it to truly become mainstream. So now the company is back with a much more affordable version, that… Read More

  • The URB-E Is A Foldable Electric Scooter For The Urban Commuter

    Debuting in prototype-form at CES a few years ago, the URB-E is finally ready for the spotlight. Weighing just under 35 pounds, the foldable scooter can carry an adult up to 20 miles at a top speed of around 15 MPH. Today at CES I met with the URB-E team, and they walked me through their new product. Read More

  • URB-E Aims for the Last Mile Commuter

    Urb-E, The Fold-Up Electric Scooter, Goes Live On Indiegogo

    Back at CES in January, among all the fun and interesting new projects we investigated, one gadget stood out among the rest. That gadget was Urb-E. And today, almost a month later, the Urb-E scooter is live on Indiegogo. As part of the campaign, the company is launching two separate models to consumers. Read More

  • Urb-E Designs EVehicle for Commuters

    Meet Urb-E, The World’s Most Compact Electric Scooter

    One of the more interesting discoveries at this year’s CES was the Urb-E e-vehicle, a super compact electric scooter that folds right up in a jiffy. We interviewed co-founder Grant Delgatti and learned that the little guy is meant for commuters who need a little extra push for the last leg of their journey, whether it be the mile from the train station to the house or from the cheap… Read More