Upside Foods

Upside Foods’ Uma Valeti on why it’s so difficult to scale cultivated meat

This whole cultivated meat industry is “transformative.” But it has to go in steps, Uma Valeti explained. 

This week in food tech: Upside Foods wastes no time debuting its cultivated chicken

Here’s a roundup of this week’s stories and some notable news we weren’t able to cover.

We’ve officially entered a new era of ‘cultivated’ meat production

U.S. regulators approved both Upside Foods and Good Meat to sell their cultivated chicken products within the country.

The cultivated meat industry’s known struggles will take time to sort out, and maybe that’s OK

“Is cell-culture meat ready for prime time?” wasn’t just a clever TechCrunch+ headline, but a legitimate question posed in early 2022 that still really hasn’t been answered.

Upside’s cell-cultured chicken is first to receive FDA blessing for its production method

The FDA sent a letter to Upside Foods concluding that it had “no further questions” related to its cell-based, chicken-making process.

Meati Foods sinks teeth into $150M to expand its mushroom-root meat operations

After five years of research, Meati Foods is poised to begin shipping its plant-based meat product later this year.

Synthesis Capital closed its first fund with $300M, giving boost to food tech’s future

While much of the recent capital has targeted the consumer-facing, or downstream side, the firm believes future investments will go into technologies closer to the farm or lab.

UPSIDE Foods bites into $400M round to serve cultivated meat later this year

Pending regulatory review, the company’s chicken product will be available to consumers in the U.S. later this year.

Is cell-cultured meat ready for prime time?

Cell-cultured meat is a hot topic, yet the process for producing meat in this manner remains slow and costly.