• This Plastic Delivery Truck Is The Future Of UPS

    There isn’t a better way to catch my attention than using a Star Trek analogy. Well, done UPS. It’s kinda like how in Star Trek III, Scotty sees a lot of unexplored potential in the ol’ Enterprise, but the brass are telling him she’s scrap because the new Excelsior’s “transwarp” engine is the only future worth having. Then we learn the Enterprise is… Read More

  • APC unveils new Back-UPS models

    APC by Schneider Electric recently announced a new line of Back-UPS Pro models. To recap, UPS stands for uninterrupted power supply (not united parcel service). These are essentially backup batteries that help keep your machine running during blackouts and prevent damage to your equipment from power surges. As with their previous models, APC offers power-saving outlets on their UPS devices… Read More

  • PSA: Double check your ‘guaranteed Christmas delivery’ online orders

    A tale of holiday woe for your enjoyment. I just logged into my account to make sure that the gift I ordered for someone on my list would indeed arrive by Christmas. It will not. Could be Best Buy’s fault, could be UPS’ fault – either way, the train went off the tracks. Read More

  • UPS, FedEx drivers to square off at 2009 National Truck Driving and Step Van Driving Championships next month

    King of Queens Season Five, Episode 20 (titled Driving Reign) finds Doug Heffernan and his cousin Danny squaring off in an IPS truck race. Hilarity ensues — see the video clip below. But did you know that the friendly men and women of the United Parcel Service, upon which the fictional International Parcel Service is based, have their very own real-life driving competitions? It’s true! Read More

  • UPS employees pilfering GTA IV disks en route

    I’m not a fan of UPS, despite it starting in my hometown. They’re late, and when they show up at my apartment with a package (at least once a month) they knock so faintly my dog can’t hear it. Also, they apparently steal video game shipments. At least three UPS employees have been fired in the last 24 hours for stealing copies of GTA IV out of shipping boxes. I’ve… Read More

  • UPS Launches Delivery Intercept Service

    As far as my experiences with UPS go, they have to be one of the worst shipping companies ever. But with this new “Delivery Intercept” service, I may be willing to give them another shot. The service allows you to take control over an already-shipped package by allowing you, the recipient of the package, to either return the parcel to the sender, deliver to another address, reroute… Read More

  • Belkin Lights Up UPS

    I have an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) system, and I hate it. Not because it doesn’t work, ’cause it does. I hate it because when the power does go out, I invariably turn the thing off while trying to turn off the alarm it uses to let you know you’ve lost power. Belkin seems to have heard my cries, as its advertising a new UPS (or Battery Backup) that not only has room… Read More