First Dash Wi-Fi update hits devices

One of the most compelling features of the Dash – Wi-Fi updates – is finally here. Dash users have to simply connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi and the Dash GPS unit will download and insta

Helio's Ocean gets update for YouTube client, and it's good

Helio today updated the YouTube client for its popular flagship phone, the Ocean. The update uses the same general interface, which is pretty good, and is rumored to be based on the new overall interf

Leopard getting an update very soon?

We got a tip from a young man today claiming that OSX was due for a fairly minor but important upgrade sometime before the end of April, bringing it up to 10.5.3. The update is fairly technical in nat

SP3 for XP Pro goes to manufacturers today

Those of you clinging onto Windows XP who’ve been waiting for SP3 to bolster your OS are in luck, as according to Zdnet Microsoft has released the update to manufacturers today. This means that

Windows XP SP3 coming April 29

Windows XP Service Pack 3 should be launching on April 29, adding some Vista specific features like “Network Access Protection” (it protects your network access) along with some secret fun

Helio updates YouTube client, and it's good

Helio today updated the YouTube client for its popular flagship phone, the Ocean. The update uses the same general interface, which is pretty good, and is rumored to be based on the new overall interf

Is your life better or worse with Windows Vista SP1?

So how are things? Everything go okay with the service pack installation? I’ve certainly been critical of Vista in the past but I’m happy to admit that my upgrade went through without a hi

Rock Band update brings new features, music store

Owners of Rock Band for the Xbox 360 and PS3 will be happy to know that the fine folks at Harmonix have just issued a big software update for the game. I’d check this myself but, like an idiot,

Safari 3.1 available

Apple just launched Safari 3.1 with CSS animation and faster JavaScript execution. You can also run HTML 5 video, which is an improved method for displaying embedded video. You can also use CSS Web Fo

Vista SP1: Things to fix in tomorrow's service pack

Joe Wilcox has an article over on Microsoft Watch called “10 Things I Warned Microsoft About Windows Vista” wherein he details some of the advice he gave to Microsoft executives back when

Vista SP1 available tomorrow

Apparently tomorrow’s the big day. The first service pack for Windows Vista will be available for manual download on the Windows Update and Microsoft Downloads sites. It’ll also be pushed

Sprint Mogul update includes EVDO Rev. A support

Good news for HTC Mogul owners on the Sprint network — there’s a new update available that’ll allow your phone to connect to the higher speed EVDO Rev. A network where you could very

'Take Two' Apple TV update unhooked from its leash

It’s here! Hot damn, it’s here! I don’t own an Apple TV but I saw one in an Apple store once. It looked so awesome. Anyway, the new update is here. Check for the Software Update opti

Opera Mobile 9.5 ready to roll

http://www.dailymotion.com/swf/x49rb9 One of the only good things about running Windows Mobile is that you can run Opera Mobile, the desktop-class mobile browser that really works as well as advertise

Update: GPS-tracked Baby Jesus recovered!

Remember a few days ago we brought you news of the small town in Florida that was affixing GPS units to members of its nativity scene because people kept stealing Baby Jesus? As it turns out, someone

Apple preps OS X 10.5.2

Apple has begun distributing to developers a massive 362MB update for Leopard. OS X 10.5.2 build 9C7 includes over 70 fixes for problems related to the OS. According to Apple insider, developers have

Verizon Updates LG Voyager Firmware

The LG Voyager’s firmware has been upgraded. Know what doesn’t need to be upgraded? The girl’s pony from the Verizon commercials. I wonder how she’s doing with her new pony, be

Palm drops monster update for Treo 680; IM, PTT, other acronyms added

Regular readers will know that I’m a big supporter of the Palm Treo line of smartphones. They’re a good mix of form factor, usability, and price. They do all the things you need a smartpho

Update: Cellphones won't explode burning you and your family alive

Remember yesterday we brought you news of a Korean man who owned an LG cellphone that exploded and killed him? Ok, it wasn’t the phone, it was something else. We’re still not sure what, bu

Tomorrow's Vista updates improve battery life, wireless

I can hardly wait until tomorrow. That’s when Microsoft will release an update "that extends laptop battery life, improves the stability of wireless network connections, shortens recovery t
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