LinkedIn rolls out its freelance services marketplace globally after picking up 2M users in smaller US beta

LinkedIn, the Microsoft-owned platform for those connecting with others in their fields of work and those looking for work, has been known best in recruitment for sourcing candidates and advertising j

$10 Million For UpCounsel Means Small Businesses Can Hire BigLaw Attorneys

UpCounsel, a marketplace for legal services, has pulled in $10 million in new funding to provide small businesses with attorneys at a fraction of the cost of a big law firm. Menlo Ventures led the Se

How 51 Shades Of Licensing Is Killing Our Economy

Who should live and who should die? Every day, thousands of patients across the United States put their lives into the hands of trained medical professionals, relying on the skill, experience, and int

UpCounsel Adds Another $2.4M In Funding To Expand Its Online Attorney Marketplace

UpCounsel was founded with the idea of connecting businesses with affordable legal help by creating a marketplace of registered attorneys they can easily search and choose to work with. As it seeks to

UpCounsel Launches Outside General Counsel Program For Companies Needing Long-Term Legal Help

Attorney marketplace UpCounsel has spent the last several months helping startups and other small businesses get affordable legal help. But for the most part, that help has mainly been focused on shor

Online Attorney Marketplace UpCounsel Raises $1.5 Million, Opens Its Patent Practice To All

UpCounsel has spent the last year building out its marketplace to provide its clients with affordable legal services. After serving more than 1,000 startups and small businesses, the company has raise

UpCounsel Is A Marketplace To Connect Small Businesses With Affordable Legal Help

At one point or another, pretty much every small business needs legal help. But hiring the right law firm isn't easy, and it can be expensive. But what if there were a platform enabling small business