• Toshiba to create upconverting DVD players instead of going Blu-ray

    I have an upconverting DVD player that I love. I can watch my SD copy of Transformers at 720p on my Olevia HDTV. While it looks great, it’s still not true HD, it’s interpolated. But that’s not stopping Toshiba from embracing the technology, and doing so in spite of the victory against it in the next-gen format war by Sony’s Blu-ray. It’s not saying that it… Read More

  • Macworld 2008: DLO's HomeDock HD is maybe the most innovative thing we've seen so far

    DLO, makers of so many rad iPod cases and docks we can’t keep track of them all, has outdone itself with its new HomeDock HD. While it’s tempting to say it’s just another iPod dock with video out, that would be incorrect. The HomeDock HD doesn’t just feature HDMI and component out to work better with your HDTV, it also features upconverting technology, meaning it can… Read More

  • CES 2008: Samsung launches new upconverting wireless home theater systems

    Product Name: Samsung HT-Z series home theater systems
    Description: 2.1, 4.1, and 5.1 sourround sound home theater-in-a-box systems with wireless speakers and 1080p upconversion
    Price: N/A
    In-store date: May 2008
    Site: Samsung home theater systems
    Why it’s cool: I’m a fan of upconverting technology. At first I thought it was snake oil, but then I saw it in action and was impressed. Read More

  • CrunchReview: Pioneer DV-400V Upconverting DVD Player

    I came home from my week in Washington, DC to find a new DVD player waiting for me, a Pioneer DV-400V. DVD players usually aren’t the kinds of things that we jump up and down about, but the DV-400V features the ability to upconvert your regular DVDs to HD resolutions. We’ve heard of this before, it’s nothing new, and I’ve been actually avoiding the upconverting… Read More