• What's Happening in Europe? Check Out Happenr.

    If you are looking for something to do in Europe, check out Happenr, an events search engine that covers Germany, Ireland, Belgium, and the top 100 cities across the Continent. The site just launched after a year in development. It scours thousands of European tourism, town, and cultural sites to keep its events database up to date, and is available in English, German, and Dutch (events… Read More

  • Upcoming.org Founder Creates Fireball (Fire Eagle + DodgeBall + Twitter)

    Remember DodgeBall, the early social mobile network that languished after Google bought it? So does Leonard Lin, a founding member of Upcoming.org who recently left Yahoo, where he organized Hack Days. He helped write the code for FireBall, a clever mobile geo-location app that brings back the promise of DodgeBall using only other existing services with public APIs. FireBall is a way for… Read More