• Pushpins Launches SimpleUPC: Product Information-As-A-Service

    Pushpins Launches SimpleUPC: Product Information-As-A-Service

    Pushpins, Inc., the makers of a mobile app for saving on groceries, have launched a new service called SimpleUPC targeted towards mobile app developers. SimpleUPC, which is available as an API (application programming interface), provides product information as a service for the use in mobile apps like barcode scanners, shopping lists and nutrition trackers. The API contains data on over… Read More

  • 40GB PS3 confirmed? [Update]

    I’m waiting for confirmation on this, but it appears that the alleged 40GB PS3 has been logged in the UPC database, which does not accept user generated data. UPC codes are provided by GS1. There’s also been confirmation that the PS3 appears on Best Buy’s internal database. Whether or not it will be priced at $399.99 is unknown, but It’s been confirmed that it does exist. Read More

  • Colored Barcodes Hitting DVDs And Video Games

    Don’t worry, your precious UPC code isn’t going anywhere. You’ll still be able to clip out coupons from the Sunday circular. This new color-based barcoding system developed by Microsoft is designed for user interaction, such as taking a picture with an XBL webcam and having it register as a prize or reward inside a video game. Very cool idea for once, Microsoft! These new… Read More