• The Nikon UP300x gets worn, reviewed

    Nikon launched the head-mounted UP300x Media Port PMP to a group of Japanese nerds months ago. Of course everyone wants to wear the headset and give it a go, but if it’s actually something for daily is something Akihabara News set out to find out. They gave it fighting chance and came away stating that it’s an interesting concept but… Read More

  • The future is finally here, Nikon intros the Media Port PMP headsets

    Nikon, yes, Nikon, is pushing the dream of living like the Jetsons one step closer with the Media Port UP300x and UP300 PMP headsets. The two models sport a .44-inch 640×480 screen that appears to the equivalent of a 50-inch screen when folded down in place, which displays everything from video files, to music details and even a web browser thanks to the built-in WiFi connection. Users… Read More