• Hosain Rahman Shows Me His UP (TCTV)

    All of the dudes in our office (okay, only Rahul) want one of these UP bracelet things. Apparently they use your wrist movements to determine how healthy you are, and then constantly judge you graphing your healthstyle against your friends’. Because I am insatiably curious and extremely health conscious, I swear, I took Jawbone founder Hosain Rahman aside earlier this week and asked him… Read More

  • Today's winner of the Really Nice Company Award goes to Pixar

    (Note: this is a really sad post, so just skip it if you’d prefer to avoid that type of thing.) Everyone should now add Pixar to their list of companies they Don’t Hate. There was a little girl in California who was suffering from a rare type of cancer. She had only a few days left in her when her mother called Pixar. You see, the little girl, Colby Curtin, age 10, wanted… Read More

  • Make your own Dug the Dog from Up, with more id

    So I saw Up yesterday with the boy and I wondered if anyone had invented a collar that can allow dogs to communicate a bit more clearly a la Dug the Dog in the movie. If you haven’t seen it, one of the characters has created a collar that reads a dog’s thoughts (“Squirrel!”) and plays them out loud. Hilarity ensues. So I’m looking around and discover that yes, such… Read More