Pull Systems launches out of Up.Labs-Porsche partnership to tackle EV performance

When Porsche partnered with venture studio UP.Labs, the mission was to create six startups over three years all designed to solve the German automaker’s biggest problems and be compelling enough

AI-powered parking platform Metropolis bags $167M

Metropolis, a startup building payment infrastructure for parking facilities, today announced that it raised $167 million in a Series B round co-led by 3L Capital and Assembly Ventures with participat

Why Porsche is turning to startup builder UP.Labs to solve its biggest problems

John Kuolt hates the term “incubator” — at least when describing UP.Labs, a new venture that launched this week with inaugural partner Porsche. “It has a connotation that we aren&#

Unlikely players team up to lead South Korea’s air taxi industry

South Korea, which lacks the VC, entrepreneurial ecosystem and aerospace legacy of the U.S., might be the first to lay the groundwork for taking air mobility from expensive project to viable service.

Mexico City’s Kolors wants to disrupt intercity busing in Latin America

Kolors, a Mexico City-based startup, says its platform that connects intercity bus riders with bus drivers is like “if Uber and Southwest Airlines had a baby.” Like Uber and other ride-hai

Builders and VCs explore the impact of air mobility on urban planning at TC Sessions: Mobility 2022

Over the past decade, some of the biggest names in the tech, VC, automotive and aerospace industries have poured millions of dollars into developing electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) airc

Lula’s delivery tool gives convenience stores, pharmacies second sales channel

Lula helps convenience stores, pharmacies and consumer packaged goods brands use its zero-commission tools to establish a second sales channel and third-party delivery companies.

Voyant raises $15M to scale production of its tiny, inexpensive lidar tech

The future of lidar is uncertain unless, as Voyant hopes to do, its price and size are reduced to fractions of their current values. As long as lidars are sandwich-sized devices that cost thousands, t

Point One Navigation raises $10M to bring its precise location tech to all vehicles

Drivers who spend any time commuting in a new car or truck have likely experienced ping ponging — a phenomenon when a vehicle equipped with an advanced driver assistance system has trouble centering