• Unvarnished Becomes Honestly.com, Raises $1.2 Million And Opens The Floodgates

    Unvarnished is all grown up. The self-described reputation management site, which allows professionals to anonymously submit reviews on their peers, has just renamed its site to “Honestly.com” and raised $1.2 million from several high-profile firms including First Round Capital, Ron Conway’s SV Angel, Charles River Ventures. Significantly, for the nature of the Honestly… Read More

  • As Users Behave, Unvarnished Opens The Gates (Just Slightly)

    Remember Unvarnished, the LinkedIn-Yelp hybrid that threatened to unleash a Pandora’s box on the internet? Back in March, we called it “A Clean, Well-Lighted Place For Defamation,” arguing that a repository for anonymous reviews could become a “nicely indexed, digital burn book”— a playground for vengeful co-workers and frenemies to wreak havoc on the… Read More

  • Like Unvarnished, Duedil Is A Reputation System For People

    We’ve seen how Unvarnished is setting out to create a kind of “Yelp for people” where you get reviewed as a person whether you like it or not. Now a new startup has appreared hoping to do something similar, but this time within a network that will give it significant traction from the word go: LinkedIn. Here’s how it works: A user of Duedil will be able to submit… Read More

  • Unvarnished: A Clean, Well-Lighted Place For Defamation

    Unvarnished: A Clean, Well-Lighted Place For Defamation

    Imagine every positive and ugly opinion about you— from your mother to that awkward co-worker you rejected at the company Christmas party— centrally located on one online profile. Sound scary? It is. Today, Unvarnished makes its beta debut. It’s essentially Yelp for LinkedIn: any user can create an online profile for a professional and submit anonymous reviews. You can claim… Read More