Unreal Tournament 3

CrunchArcade: Unreal Tournament 3 modders could win $1M from Epic, Intel

Epic and Intel have announced a contest for the more talent modders among us. They’ve put up $1 million in the “Make Something Unreal Contest,” which invites modders to use the Unreal Tournament

UT3 for PS3 shipment date confirmed

I haven’t played Unreal Tournament since 2001, but I recall having a bloody good time playing it in the dorms. Ultra-fast network and heaps of gamers who were up at all times and down to frag. G

Gears of War, Unreal Tournament 3 Coming To Mac

A few years ago, if someone said “You can’t use a Mac as a gaming machine!”, I’d reply “Yeah, I’ll give you that one.” Alas, things have changed dramatically

Unreal Tournament III Is Hot For PS3

Sony sure is doing its best to make me eat my words lately. Announced at E3 was the exclusive rights Sony has on Unreal Tournament III until 2008. Microsoft can’t make any claims to the game until t