Unlocking Your Cell Phone Is Still Illegal, But Probably Not For Long

Unlocking a smart phone to run on a different carrier. It seems completely innocuous, right? Something you’d do with a bit of time on your weekend just to see if you could. Surprise! It’s illeg

Unlocking Your Phone Is Now Illegal, But What Does That Mean For You?

All the salacious headlines are (mostly) true -- as of today, you can't unlock a carrier-subsidized smartphone on your own before the contract associated with it runs out without technically running a

Unlock your iPhone with some $30 sim card trickery

Okay, so apparently you can attach this thing to the existing SIM card inside your iPhone and it’ll filter all the info that’s passed back and forth, effectively unlocking your iPhone some

Unlocked iPhones popular on the other side of the pond

Euro Telecom Orange is saying that 6,000 of the 30,000 iPhones they sold during the opening five days were bought unlocked. Apparently, people are more than willing to spend the extra 250 euros to ski

iPhones now two per person, cash not accepted

The previous five-per-person, cash is a-okay policy for iPhone sales has been changed to two-per-person, leave your cash at home. This is in order to "discourage unauthorized resellers," acc

Apple: 250,000 unlocked iPhones in the wild

Just how many iPhone have been unlocked by pesky AT&T haters? Apple’s guessing a quarter of a million, which comes out to one out of every six of the 1.4 million that have been sold. If you

Unky Walt on cellphone locking: Amen, brother

http://services.brightcove.com/services/viewer/federated_f8/452319854 Oh, Walt Mossberg, thank you for taking up the cause. While I’m absolutely positive that his words will fall on deaf ears. T

France's iPhone to come unlocked

We’ve been talking about Orange as the go-to cellular carrier for the iPhone in France for a little while now, and while it’s a done deal, one remarkable fact is being overlooked: the Fren

The iPhone's 1.1.1 firmware, now unlockable!

Alright, iPhoneers, good news if you’re an ulocker. The Dev Team has finally put together a working version of the Jailbreak Software that unlocks iPhones that had been upgarded to version 1.1.1

Extra $3G Lying Around? You Could Have an Unlocked iPhone!

We’re trying hard not to make this AppleGear today, but there’s a lot going on, so screw it, we’re giving it to you. We know a 17 year old kid made up a software unlock for the iPhon

iPhone Unlocked For Reals

Alright, so this is what I think. I think that until one of you readers leaves a comment confirming this unlocking method, it’s just another stupid rumor. Some guy on some forums says that you c

Congress Allows Orgy Between T-Mo’s Zeta-Jones, Cingular’s Jack

Those of you who use a GSM-based provider in the best goddamned country in the world (hint: U.S.A.) should rejoice, as Congress has ruled that it’s OK to get your cellphone unlocked so you can use i