iPhone 3G unlocked? [UPDATED]


Pwnage 2.0 released: For iPhone 3G, you can only jailbreak

Pwnage 2.0 is here! It was officially released a few hours ago, and the servers have been pounded ever since. As such, mirrors keep popping up on the Dev Team’s blog; be sure to check often if y

Help-Key: Activating, SIM unlocking and jailbreaking an iPhone the very, very easy way.

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First kid to unlock iPhone unlocks it again

George Hotz, aka Geohot, aka the kid that unlocked the iPhone way back when, aka the kid that traded an unlocked iPhone for three regular iPhones and a Nissan 350Z is at it again. This time instead of

Yes, 1 million iPhones have been unlocked (but that's OK for Apple)

[photopress:iphoneaok.jpg,full,center] AP image Some here may doubt the veracity, or truthiness, of reports suggesting that somewhere out there lie 1.7 million inactivated iPhones, 1 million of which

Unlock your iPhone with some $30 sim card trickery

Okay, so apparently you can attach this thing to the existing SIM card inside your iPhone and it’ll filter all the info that’s passed back and forth, effectively unlocking your iPhone some

Analyst claims AT&T pays Apple $432 per iPhone contract

Need another reason why Apple isn’t in a hurry to dump AT&T as the iPhone’s exclusive carrier? An analyst with Piper Jaffray, having examined reams of financial statements, says that A

Video: Apple genius doesn't buy kid's "my iPhone broke" story

Fake Steve Jobs is the man. He completely calls out this tool who brought his non-functioning iPhone to an Apple Store to get it checked out. Judging by the comments found on blogs left, right and cen

Kid Who Unlocked iPhone Traded It For a Car; Wired Editor Now Wants One, Offers Car Too

The kid who unlocked the iPhone—I call him Craig from Degrassi—didn’t sell his creation, but rather traded it in for a Nissan 350Z and three 8GB iPhones. Wanting in on the action, it

Service That Offered To Unlock iPhone Told To Knock It Off

This video is tangentially related to this post It broke over the weekend (well, Japan time at least) that Craig from Degrassi hacked and unlocked the iPhone to make it work with cellphone providers o