WSJ: Cut undersea Internet cables due to sharks with laser beams on their heads

[photopress:lasers_20080206161421.ark.png,full,left]The cable cutting thing in the Middle East is odd enough as it is, but it takes the Wall Street Journal to make it weirder. It found an expert to cl

Apple rumored to launch UMPC AKA "The Sasquatch"

SeekingAlpha has pieced together evidence of an upcoming Apple UMPC with that looks like an iPhone with not one by two home buttons on either side of the device. It is rumored to run on gumdrops and p

Wii sales eclipsed by PS3 in Japan? You're joking me

Welcome to Bizarro World, people. In the land of the rising sun, the Wii is undisputed king. Well, the DS is really, but we’re talking consoles here. Apparently some kind of Star Trek-type time-

The Internet: Cause of weightloss

Yours Truly Watch Oprah much? Then you might be familiar with the lady who lost 530 pounds by chatting on the Internet instead of eating. You read that right. Nancy Makin of Michigan claims that by ha