university of tsukuba

  • Gemelos 3D Base: Full HD 3D Camera System Used For Surgery Training (Video)

    Training surgeons in hospitals is difficult and expensive, but what if you could use some 3D tech in order to simulate treating patients in a realistic way? That’s what Japan-based Totsu Sangyo thought when it used their Gemelos 3D Base [JP], a 3D camera that captures pictures in full HD resolution, during a surgery at the University of Tsukuba. Read More

  • Pictures and video: Robotic exoskeleton HAL-5 up and close

    I had the chance to attend a TED event last weekend, namely the TedxTokyo conference, which took place for the second time in Japan. And as CrunchGear’s Japan correspondent, I was naturally most interested in the geekiest presentation delivered: that of Professor Sankai from Tsukuba University (near Tokyo). (The video was of the presentation was uploaded just a few hours ago, which is why… Read More

  • Digital Contents Expo Tokyo: Futuristic Media Vehicle

    I stumbled upon this strange thing today at the at the Digital Contents Expo in Tokyo, a virtual reality capsule chair developed by the Iwata-Yano Laboratory at the University of Tsukuba. The so-called “Media Vehicle” mounts a spherical display and is supposed to let passengers move around both in the real world and a virtual reality environment. Read More